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Sam Robson gives England selectors no choice as he fires again for Middlesex

There can surely be no doubt now of Sam Robson's credentials as he pushes toward a more and... Read More

Record numbers of people are turning to food banks for help

The extreme scale of food poverty in Britain was today brought to light by new figures showing that... Read More

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell resigns over a bottle of wine

The leader of New South Wales has announced his resignation following controversy surrounding a... Read More

Ealing barber clashes with North Korean officials after poking fun at Kim Jong-un

A barber shop in South Ealing had a close shave with North Korea after a poster making fun of the... Read More

Record numbers of people are turning to food banks for help

The extreme scale of food poverty in Britain was today brought to light by new figures showing that... Read More

A third of Brits think that the kitchen is the 'sexiest place in the house'

The next time you're invited anywhere for dinner, think twice before picking a stray olive off... Read More

Mayor of Swindon Nick Martin resigns after unkind remarks about disabled people

The mayor of Swindon has resigned after referring to disabled people as 'mongols' and... Read More

Racist swan causes havoc at Warwick University

If you were ever taught by your parents that all animals possess a true and gentle nature, here is... Read More

Miley Cyrus cancels US gig after allergy drama

The twerking singer, who was due to play in Kansas City, was rushed to hospital after suffering an... Read More

Rolling Stones announce extra Australian tour dates

Ageing rockers the Rolling Stones will play two additional shows - in Perth and the Hunter Valley -... Read More

Andrew Garfield is big on getting naked, apparently

The star of the Amazing Spider-Man movies has revealed he’s even more comfortable out of his red... Read More

Adrian Mole author Sue Townsend dies at home aged 68

The writer, who had been registered blind in 2001 after suffering with diabetes, passed away after a... Read More

Dedicated cop masquerades as an Amish woman to catch a criminal

A dedicated policeman spent two months undercover dressed as an Amish woman in order to catch a... Read More

The first-ever marijuana vending machine is set to be unveiled in Colorado

Remember when buying weed was a total chore that necessitated being a bit sneaky and hiding from the... Read More

Jeremy Kyle comes under fire for treatment of a 'distressed and humiliated teenager' on his show

The 17-year-old girl was called a 'crackhead' and 'silly anorexic slapper' by... Read More

Eye'll take a chance on the ocean: Surfer uses the sea to sort out problem with his vision

A 61-year-old surfer found an unorthodox cure for his eye condition - dipping his head under the... Read More

Latest Stories & Sports

Ealing barber clashes with North Korean officials after poking fun at Kim Jong-un

A barber shop in South Ealing had a close shave with North Korea after a poster making fun of the... Read More

Robert Berry named as runner who died during the London Marathon

Mr Berry, 42, died after collapsing at the finish line. Read More

Onesies named the fashion item Londoners predict they will regret

That's right - in the end, it won't be those slouchy tracksuit bottoms with the hanging... Read More

Mo Farah beaten by impressive Kipsang on London Marathon debut

The London Marathon 2014 saw about 36,000 people take part, many running for charity, but most eyes... Read More

Hundreds of people missing after South Korea ferry sinks

A ferry carrying mainly school students has capsized off the South Korean coast. Read More

Dutch teenager arrested after American Airlines Twitter hoax

A 14-year-old Dutch girl has been arrested after a terrorism-themed 'joke' she made on... Read More

Sierra Leone athlete Mami Konneh Lahun goes missing after completing the London Marathon

A female athlete has gone missing after finishing 20th in the London Marathon. Read More

Robotic submarine to start search for MH370

The tiny submarine, which will be sent to the ocean floor to search for wreckage from MH370, will be... Read More

How to avoid overstuffing your suitcase when you jet off this summer

This goes out to anyone who has sat atop their straining suitcase, toiletries in hand, wailing,... Read More

What will travel look like in 2024?

Every now and then, booking a break can be a nightmare (yes, we're looking at you, crashing... Read More

Video bloggers embark on a 'live' gap year

If you thought that nothing could top your gap year (yes, we know you've got memories... Read More

Five easy airport yoga postures to ease jetlag

How can a downward dog help with jet lag? Can a back-bend ease dehydration, or a shoulder stand rid... Read More

Sam Robson gives England selectors no choice as he fires again for Middlesex

There can surely be no doubt now of Sam Robson's credentials as he pushes toward a more and... Read More

Liverpool win five-goal City thriller to take huge step towards title

Football fans are starting to believe that Liverpool can win the Premier League title after they... Read More

YOUR SPORTS WEEKEND IN A FLASH: All the results that matter in one click (Week ending Apr 13)

Arsenal reach FA Cup final on penalties, A-League finals schedule confirmed, AFL and NRL results and... Read More

Watson pips Spieth win to Masters

American Bubba Watson has won the 78th Masters at Augusta, holding off fellow American Jordan Spieth... Read More


Big Trip: Sri Lanka

Tucked away at the bottom of India and surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the island of Sri Lanka is a... Read More

Big Trip: Salsa through South America

Spell-binding scenery, hip-shaking beats, sultry summer sun and endless partying on the beach –... Read More

Big Trip: It began in (North) Africa

North Africa has some of the most exciting and exotic cultures and landscapes in the world. Read More

Forget Route 66. The ultimate US road trip for 2014 is the California loop

I’m about to embark on a rollercoaster of star-studded hotels, canyon camping and melodramatic... Read More

Honshu glad you visited? Make the most of Japan's main island

It’s rare that you find high-tech cities, exquisite temples and stunning natural wonders all on... Read More

Kilty pleasures: Scotland wants to be free, but all we want is a Highland fling...

In September this year, the Scots are voting to decide if they want their country to be independent... Read More

The five best places to detox body and mind in the UK

Still having panic attacks at the thought of wearing your new bikini? Feeling stressed out because... Read More

Th'up North: TNT's guide to the best the North has to offer

“Ey up mi duck, there’s more to England than London you know.” Don’t believe (or understand)... Read More

Capitalise on the capital

You moved here for a reason: London is one of the coolest cities on the planet. Don’t forget to... Read More

UK Trip: Capital escapes

Before you leave the shores of this small spot you’re calling home, be sure to make the most of... Read More

UK Trip: On your doorstep

The UK has a broad and diverse array of cities, scenery and things to do - so make the most of it. Read More

Destination Guide: The magic of the Med

The Mediterranean coast and Balearic Islands boast glistening waters, sun-bleached cliffs, ancient... Read More

Destination: Egypt

The marvels of the ancient world await and the beaches sizzle in this magical country that’s... Read More

Destination: Iceland

Iceland is a veritable mix of geological activity, combining an otherworldly backdrop with a strong... Read More

Destination: New Zealand

Home to all-action adventures, Hollywood good looks and a vibrant Maori culture, New Zealand is a... Read More

Destination: Panama

Cosmopolitan and historic Panama City, currently celebrating its iconic canal’s centenary year, is... Read More

Destination: Bolivia

Bolivia is beguiling with its natural beauty and colonial cities; worn down on the surface, but rich... Read More

European break: Lisbon to your heart

Packed with culture, character, art and history, Lisbon demands attention, time and comfortable... Read More

Hit the road with a van tour

What could be better? A van packed with mates and a summer packed with as many destinations as you... Read More

Dip your toes in the San...

Superb architecture, a wealth of festivals, unique Basque tapas – no wonder San Sebastián’s the... Read More

48 hours in Paris: Ooh la la!

Paris - or the City of Lights as it is known - has a reputation for being one of the most romantic... Read More

Memoirs of Croatia

We discovered this stunning spot a while ago, but it’s fast becoming this year’s holiday hot... Read More

Anzac tour of Gallipolli, Turkey

If you’re an Aussie or a Kiwi, Anzac is just one of those things you have to cross off your... Read More

Don't Miss in London

Arts & Entertainment

Bring your love of chocolate and booze together at last...

Authentic Neapolitan pizzeria and cocktail bar B-SOHO is bringing Easter fun back to the adults of... Read More

Art: Ruin Lust

Ruin Lust offers a guide to the mournful, thrilling, comic and perverse uses of ruins in art from... Read More

Art: Lost & Found

RedHouse Originals is delighted to present ‘Lost & Found’, an exciting new exhibition by... Read More

Rooftop Summer Club at Queen of Hoxton

Other than Michael Fish’s epic 1987 weather prediction fail, the forecasters aren't usually... Read More

Boom! See Jazzy Jeff at Scala

Ask any true hip-hop fan who their favourite DJ is, and there is always one name topping that list -... Read More

Gig: Boyz Noize

In the wake of the release of 'Out Of The Black – The Remixes', Alex Ridha, aka Boys... Read More

Bilbao BBK Live 2014: Bastille and Band of Horses confirmed

Bibao BBK Live festival is proud to announce that Bastille and Band of Horses have been added to the... Read More

Gig: Fresh since '88

B2E is proud to present 'Fresh Since 88', a night of classic hip hop in celebration of 40... Read More

Arnie to play AGING cyborg in new Terminator film

He famously said he'll be back and true to form Arnie is set to reprise his role as the... Read More

A second chance to see Gravity at the cinema

Missed 'Gravity' the first time round? You can see it again at Second Chance Cinema this... Read More

Film: Cosmic Psychos - Blokes You Can Trust

For 30 years, the Cosmic Psychos have blazed a trail of empty beer cans and busted eardrums around... Read More

Film: Plot for Peace with Q&A with Jean-Yves Ollivier

Behind the legendary release of Nelson Mandela and the fall of apartheid lies an untold, secret... Read More

Theatre: I Can't Sing

If you’re looking for an undemanding and entertaining night out, then look no further than this... Read More

Theatre: Other Desert Cities and Another Country

Two very different plays, set in different continents and written 30 years apart - yet both are... Read More

Theatre: Fatal Attraction

The bunny is irresistible, and damaged singleton Alex is too, as far as happily married New York... Read More

Theatre: Two into One and Blithe Spirit

The octogenarians are out in force this week, and proving remarkably sprightly in a couple of tried... Read More

London Life


Join us at the Elk Bar for this year's ANZAC Day BBQ Read More

Have you signed up for the Standard Chartered Great City Race?

The race is now on for companies and teams to enter the 10th anniversary of the Standard Chartered... Read More

Come to the Pheromone Party!

LA's hottest matchmaking event, based on the science of smell, is making its European debut in... Read More

Acoustic Afternoon's 1st birthday at Boxpark

Lazy Sundays were made for Boxpark, and here's why. Read More

Bring your love of chocolate and booze together at last...

Authentic Neapolitan pizzeria and cocktail bar B-SOHO is bringing Easter fun back to the adults of... Read More

Dine in the Land of Ice and Fire

Like it hot? Like it icy cold? How about both? Read More

Food: The Easter Empire of Bunga Bunga

As they're hugely eggcited about Easter this year, Bunga Bunga will be starting the... Read More

Food: Urban Food Fest

If you're a secret late-night eater, you'll love this - there's a night market... Read More

Strut your stuff at the Modstock Fashion Show

The Modstock Fashion Show will be taking centre stage on Sunday, April 20. Read More

Get your spurs at the ready for the Style Battle

Think you could beat Brix Smith Start and Gok Wan in a Fashion Fix? Then come along to the Shopcade... Read More

See the best views in London from the ArcelorMittal Orbit

Remember the red, twisted tower that stood proudly over the Olympic Park? It's been reopened to... Read More

London date idea: Cooking class

MasterChef, Saturday Kitchen Live, The Taste, The Great British Bake Off... the list goes on. Read More

Club: Suede Singles Night at Old School Indie

After a huge sold out gig at Royal Albert Hall last month, Old School Indie is pleased to announce... Read More

Mourn the death of Lewis Carroll at It's Your Funeral

On the evening of Thursday, April 10, It's Your Funeral returns! Read More

Club: Frankie Knuckles at Ministry of Sound

Rulin returns to celebrate its 20th birthday on Saturday, March 29 at Ministry of Sound with a... Read More

Cirque Le Soir's House Party Event Showcase

Cirque Le Soir has cemented its reputation as Britain’s most flamboyant club by splashing out... Read More


Beat the Big G: Say farewell to hangover anxiety

Sick of getting hangover anxiety? Here’s how to beat booze at its own game... Read More

Five easy airport yoga postures to ease jetlag

How can a downward dog help with jet lag? Can a back-bend ease dehydration, or a shoulder stand rid... Read More

Summer beauty essentials - don't jet off without this lot!

It's the time of year when the shops are choc-a-block with offers on summer beauty bits and... Read More

The best festival beauty buys for 2014

The days of sleeping in hedges and wearing woven grass as a bra at festivals are long gone - we have... Read More

The big brush off: TNT gets on the lash

Clumps, flakes, panda eyes... let's be honest, finding the right mascara has never been easy. Read More

From zero to hero: The ultimate hangover makeover

You went to bed at 7am after a litre of vodka and four hours of podium dancing somewhere in the West... Read More

Sweat together, stay together

Get each other’s hearts racing in and out of the bedroom with these couples workouts... Read More

The best films to watch with a hangover

Cult film favourite There's Something About Mary has been voted the best film to watch... Read More

How do you fancy winning a month's free rent in London?

Most companies offer either a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone as a competition prize. We say... Read More

New study reveals that men are more likely to withdraw cash on credit

If you're dreading the end of the month and thinking about getting some cash out on your credit... Read More

Taxing work: How we can help you get your money back

The bad news? This article is about tax. The good news? It’s about getting your tax money back.... Read More

Get thrifty: How to make do and mend in London

Being thrify is all the rage. From sewing to bike repairs, you’ll never need to pay an expert... Read More

From overseas? Working in this country? You're probably due a tax refund...

If you are a foreign worker in the UK, you could be entitled to a tax refund. Just think of all the... Read More

Banking in the UK

Opening a bank account after you arrive in the UK can be a nightmare. Read More

Credit cards for students: Pros and cons

We've all heard the cautionary tale of the uni student who signs up for a credit card and... Read More

Australian expats losing over £13m every year in hidden bank fees

If you're about to transfer some cash, watch out - Britain’s Australian expat community are... Read More

A renter's guide to French London

France may have suffered a whooping at the hands of Wales in rugby union’s RBS Six Nations last... Read More

Ten top tips to rent successfully in London

Renting a flat in London can be a daunting task - it’s stressful, time-consuming and rather... Read More

The cheapest areas to rent in London

London is the most expensive city in the world. Fact, people. Here’s where to live if your money... Read More

Living in Hammersmith

Hammersmith, affectionally nicknamed Hammertown by locals, is in inner west London. It’s a popular... Read More

Alto Atacama - hotel review: Travel accommodation in San Pedro, Atacama Desert, Chile

Overview Located deep within northern Chile’s Atacama Desert, Alto Atacama is a luxury resort... Read More

St Christopher’s Inns open 'Super-Hostel' in Paris

After a soft-launch in July, the brand new, €38 million, Paris backpacker hostel from St... Read More

Flying Dog - accommodation review: Brilliantly run hostel in Lima, Peru

Overview: Having started out with one small Lima hostel at the turn of the century, the Flying Dog... Read More

Train as a ski instructor in Canada

If you've always dreamed of spending your days skiing, this is the perfect opportunity to... Read More

Are you a young Brit with an extraordinary talent?

STA Travel has teamed up with Jack Wills to launch 'Young Brits', a new national search... Read More

Learn how to take professional photographs for a living

Professional photographer Zoe Whishaw will be exploring what it takes to attract potential clients... Read More

Think you'd be able to write about the benefits of a short break?

It's widely believed that a change is just as good as a rest and can, in fact, be as refreshing... Read More

Career spotlight: Alternative therapist

Sharon Sands, 51, works as an alternative therapist, praticising holistic healing and reiki. Read More

Are you a creative type? SohoCreate is coming to London this June

SohoCreate is a brand new festival which will bring together the very best creatives to share their... Read More

Have you got what it takes to become a Bear Grylls Survival Academy Instructor?

Bear Grylls is calling all outdoor enthusiasts and budding adventurers looking for a new and... Read More

Whistle while you work: Volunteer at festivals to get your free ticket

If you love music festivals but can’t make the high price, sign up as a volunteer and get your... Read More



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