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Demons stars apologise for ‘Mad Monday’ behaviour

Aussie Rules footballers Dean Terlich and Alex Georgiou have apologised for their controversial... Read More

Bit of a worry... half of young women in the UK can't find their vagina

Prepare for a shocking statistic: half of women aged 26 to 35 can't find the vagina on a digram... Read More

"Boris Island" rejected by Airport Commission

Sorry folks, Boris Johnson’s bold plan to build a new airport in the Thames Estuary are dead in... Read More

Revealed: The best country in the world for bargain air travel

Air tickets in India are the cheapest in the world, according to a new survey. Read More

Bit of a worry... half of young women in the UK can't find their vagina

Prepare for a shocking statistic: half of women aged 26 to 35 can't find the vagina on a digram... Read More

Police round up London's Eastern European homeless

Police in the capital are cracking down on immigration as 37 people were screened at Marble Arch... Read More

Britain’s addiction problem getting worse and the controversial plan to "stem the tide"

The number of deaths caused by legal highs in the UK could overtake those linked to heroin within... Read More

Pilot loses control of plane after false arm falls off

If you have a fear of flying best look away now because this'll give you nightmares. Read More

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tie the knot in secret French wedding

He's one of the best looking blokes around. She's one of the best looking women. And now... Read More

Jurassic Park's Richard Attenborough dies aged 90

Oscar-winning British director and actor Richard Attenborough has died at the age of 90, his son has... Read More

Erm Charlie, it's called ICE bucket challenge

He's always winning but even so, Charlie Sheen should grasp the basic concept of the ice bucket... Read More

Carrot top saves £200 with Ginger Discount Card

Gingers get given a lot of crap. But all that ‘carrot top’ taunting may be worth it, as one day... Read More

This unusual man has hoarded his nail clippings since 1978

Meet Richard Gibson. He's 58, he lives in the US, and he collects all his finger and toenail... Read More

Drive-thru brothels launched in Switzerland

How do you feel about getting some in a teak 'sex box' - essentially a wooden cubicle? Read More

Latest Stories & Sports

"Boris Island" rejected by Airport Commission

Sorry folks, Boris Johnson’s bold plan to build a new airport in the Thames Estuary are dead in... Read More

Tube terror attack text a hoax say police

A text warning of a terrorist attack on London's Tube network was a hoax, police say. Read More

Could you live in London's 'Endless City' project?

As London sprawls outwards and space becomes increasingly difficult to find, should we start... Read More

Urgh. More Tube strikes are planned for September...

Bad news, everyone - there are more Tube delays scheduled for next month. Read More

Brazilian town full of hot young women begs men to join them

The next time you moan that there are no singles in your area, quit whining, and head to Noiva do... Read More

Girl accidentally kills instructor with Uzi

A nine-year-old girl in the US accidentally killed her gun instructor earlier this week. Read More

World's coolest dad turns home videos into action movies

If you think that your childhood home movies were too cool for school, think again. Read More

Say cheese! Swiss parliament shock with 'nude selfies'

The Swiss have suffered a double whammy of selfie embarrassments recently - they're not so shy... Read More

Revealed: The best country in the world for bargain air travel

Air tickets in India are the cheapest in the world, according to a new survey. Read More

Papua New Guinea volcano results in diverted flights

The volcano, which erupted in eastern Papua New Guinea today, spewed huge quantities of rocks and... Read More

Is this the most passive-aggressive gadget ever?

Have you heard about the in-flight knee defender? It's great if you want to piss off the guy in... Read More

Iceland raises volcano alert level

Remember the chaos of 2010 when an Icelandic volcano erupted, grounding thousands of flights across... Read More

YOUR SPORTS WEEKEND IN A FLASH: All the results that matter in one click (Week ending Aug 31)

Missed any important sporting events this weekend? Here's where to catch up... Read More

Zimbabwe beat Australia in Harare as Michael Clarke top scores and retires hurt on return

Australia have been beaten by Zimbabwe for the first time since 1983 - the second time ever - with... Read More

AFL Finals: Hawthorn face Geelong as Sydney host Fremantle after top eight finalised

Hawthorn and Geelong will kick-off the 2014 AFL finals series on Friday night in the first... Read More

Nick Kyrgios puts on a show as Aussie teen exits US Open

Another Grand Slam fairytale is over for Nick Kyrgios after the experience and guile of Spain's... Read More


Big Trip: Indonesia

Like a path of breadcrumbs leading you from Asia to Australia, Indonesia is spread across a chain of... Read More

Big trip: The Middle East

The Middle East is usually in the news for all the wrong reasons, but there are many areas that are... Read More

Big Trip: Saffa's Up

From killer waves to killer whales, South Africa’s beaches offer a plethora of adventures and a... Read More

Big trip: China in your hand

When travelling the length of China along the ancient trade routes of the Silk Road, the only real... Read More

Big Trip: Sri Lanka

Tucked away at the bottom of India and surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the island of Sri Lanka is a... Read More

Big Trip: Salsa through South America

Spell-binding scenery, hip-shaking beats, sultry summer sun and endless partying on the beach –... Read More

My Experience: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

It's all over for 2014, but if you're thinking of heading to Edinburgh Festival Fringe... Read More

Edinburgh Fringe Festival: what not to miss

If you're heading to Edinburgh for the last few days of the Fringe Festival, here's how to... Read More

UK Trip: Game on, Glasgow

The Commonwealth Games are heading for Glasgow, and you should be too. On your marks, get set, go... Read More

UK Trip: The future's Brighton

Finger-licking fish and chips, vibrant vintage shops and a nightlife cheekier than a Carry On film.... Read More

UK Trip: Munro bagging in Scotland

Fill your boots; and maybe your trousers, writes our intrepid travel reporter. Read More

UK guide: South West England

Grab a car and your mates and take a road trip to the South West of England, home to some of the... Read More

East Africa: Take a walk on the wild side

A vast and often inhospitable landscape, wild animals, frequent political turmoil; East Africa takes... Read More

Destination guide: France

Split into 95 départements and boasting some 37,000 villages, The Hexagon, as the French have... Read More

Moroccan magic: A guide to Morocco

From bustling streets to silver screen-worthy landscapes, Morocco is a country that offers culture,... Read More

Kiwi Experience: The trip of a lifetime

See the whole of New Zealand with Kiwi Experience in just 29 days, and you’ll still remember it 29... Read More

Destination Guide: West Coast USA

We’re not about to get involved with the East Coast-West Coast gang wars, but when it comes to an... Read More

Destination Guide: The magic of the Med

The Mediterranean coast and Balearic Islands boast glistening waters, sun-bleached cliffs, ancient... Read More

European break: Italy

The sight of stunning countryside, the taste and smell of delicious food, the sound of classical... Read More

European break: Amsterdam

Everyone knows what Amsterdam is famous for, but there’s much more to this idyllic city than fine... Read More

European break: Sweden

There’s more to Sweden than its capital. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still worth a visit, but... Read More

European break: A taste of Northern Italy

Hills and hazelnut farms for miles in every direction, ancient wine cellars filled with Barolo,... Read More

European break: That's why we go to Iceland

You might not get a frozen voulevant, but you will get glaciers, volcanoes and natural bubbling spas... Read More

European break: Lisbon to your heart

Packed with culture, character, art and history, Lisbon demands attention, time and comfortable... Read More

Don't Miss in London

Arts & Entertainment

Art: Wotsit All About

Photographs of models covered in everything from Mars Bars to Jelly Babies, Strawberry Laces and... Read More

Rent your own Hackney Carriage for £10 a day!

It sounds too good to be true but you really can rent your own Hackney Carriage for just £10 a day. Read More

The Big Festival

Is food the new rock 'n' roll? Read More

Dan Sultan announces Bush Hall gig

After sell-out shows across Australia, Dan Sultan is bringing his full band to London and promises... Read More

Gig: Goldfrapp

Ooh la la, are we excited about this - if only to see what Miss Goldfrapp will be wearing... Read More

Club night: XOYO Second Birthday Sessions

It's hugs, kisses and, er wedgies (our guess at what the 'Y' might represent...) all... Read More

Gig: Acoustic guitarist Guy Buttery

Guy Buttery may have an innuendo for a name (snigger), but he is one damn fine guitarist, and he’s... Read More

Interview: Sheppard

Indie-pop sensation Sheppard have had several smash hit singles at home, but now this feel-good band... Read More

Celebrity Interview: Eric Bana

Eric Bana's latest film, Deliver us from Evil, is out in cinemas from August 22. TNT sits down... Read More

Tease trailer for 'The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies'

It's almost here - the epic finale of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield and... Read More

The pioneers of alfresco cinema are back - and this time they're bringing burgers!

Picture the scene - sunny summer evening, cold beer in one hand, tasty burger in the other, your... Read More

TNT at the movies: Godzilla

When I was a kid I had the same recurring nightmare: a giant dinosaur/lizard would chase and then... Read More

Theatre: Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare with writer’s block – surely not? But that’s the scenario envisaged by screen... Read More

Theatre: The Nether

The virtual world is an extremely seductive place to be in Jennifer Haley’s disturbing new play,... Read More

Theatre: Richard III

With his greying beard and steely determination, Martin Freeman looks more like Alan Sugar in the... Read More

Theatre: The Crucible

The Old Vic’s in-the-round season continues with South African director Yaël Farber’s visceral... Read More

London Life

The Big Festival

Is food the new rock 'n' roll? Read More

Event: Big Hair at Maggie's

In the lead up to London Fashion Week, just as the city begins to perfect its pout, Maggie’s 80s... Read More

Event: Hula Pong with Doing Something

This coming Bank Holiday Sunday, adventurous singletons dressed in loud shirts, hula skirts and leis... Read More

Event: Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival is one of the world’s biggest street parties, where the vibrant sights,... Read More

Three of the best: Spicy dishes

Like your food with a kick? ... Read More

Food review: Cinnamon Kitchen

Tucked away in Devonshire Square, just off Bishopsgate, Cinnamon Kitchen is the perfect place to go... Read More

Drinks review: Four Quarters arcade bar

Re-visit your childhood by getting thumb RSI on retro arcade games at this new Peckham spot - and... Read More

Food review: Brew Cafe

This homely cafe serves up Aussie-style 'brinner' (all-day brekkie), and it does it oh-so... Read More

Let's get spiritual

If London is a cultural melting pot, the multitude of spiritual practises that come with it are the... Read More

The London hook-up

Arriving in London can be daunting, but you don’t need to panic. We have all the information you... Read More

Enjoy a day at the beach in the heart of London

Couldn't manage to bag a cheap flight and head off to sunnier climes this year? No sweat - you... Read More

Can't get to the surf? Let the surf come to you...

This month, Surfdome celebrate summer in the city with a six week long pop-up store in East London. Read More

Egg presents... Jerome Sydenham, Sonny Fodera, Daniel Steinberg and VCO Rox

As summer begins to fade away (sad face), Egg plans to keep the vibes alive with a kick-ass party... Read More

Outlaw with Joey Negro

Joey Negro will play a refined mix of soul, boogie, raw and rare funk and disco as he headlines... Read More

Ursula Martinez: My Stories, Your Emails

Ursula Martinez brings her investigation into confession, obsession, miscommunication,... Read More

90’s Film Festival returns to the Portobello Pop-up this Summer

If you were never quite able to get over 90s cinema, you'll love this. Read More


Fitness: pop-up exercise classes for women

Ladies, if you’re put off going to the gym because of the sweaty meat heads grunting over the... Read More

Breaking Up: Tips for International Couples Who Split

Maybe you met while you were both on holiday and the courtship was fast and intense. Maybe it was a... Read More

Play it safe in the sun

It's August, and when it's not, y'know, pissing it down and the sun does come out,... Read More

Essential handbag make-up for summer and beyond...

Whenever I go to the make-up counters at large department stores, a feeling of unease often envelops... Read More

Product review: Tony Horton's Ten Minute Trainer

Can it really be possible to get fit by exercising for just ten minutes a day? Well, we'd say... Read More

Struggling to get healthy? Try these quick fixes...

If you’re struggling to stick to a fitness routine or you’re not getting the results you want,... Read More

Yoga to try this: Yoga breaks in the UK and beyond...

Yoga and Pilates are a great way to get into shape over the summer, but don’t restrict yourself to... Read More

Class of the Month: Insanity Workout

This class is not for the faint of heart - or weak of body! Read More

Get your luggage home quickly and cheaply

Heading home? Get your excess baggage delivered door to door with minimal fuss. Read More

Feeling broke so soon after payday? Here's our guide to saving £358 per month

If you're already looking at your bank balance, crying 'I just don't understand where... Read More

The golden rules for relocating to London

If you've been living in London for a while, you will already know what the locals know -... Read More

TNT's guide to calling home on the cheap

You won’t have any more excuses with this guide to calling home on the cheap. Just watch those... Read More

The 2014 Budget and what it means for Motorists

Deciphering what the new annual budget means can be a bit tricky, but help is at hand - and this is... Read More

How do you fancy winning a month's free rent in London?

Most companies offer either a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone as a competition prize. We say... Read More

New study reveals that men are more likely to withdraw cash on credit

If you're dreading the end of the month and thinking about getting some cash out on your credit... Read More

Taxing work: How we can help you get your money back

The bad news? This article is about tax. The good news? It’s about getting your tax money back.... Read More

London area guide: Live fabulously in Fitzrovia

Fitzrovia is the area of London between Oxford Street and the Euston Road, and Gower Street and... Read More

The golden rules for relocating to London

If you've been living in London for a while, you will already know what the locals know -... Read More

A renter's guide to French London

France may have suffered a whooping at the hands of Wales in rugby union’s RBS Six Nations last... Read More

Ten top tips to rent successfully in London

Renting a flat in London can be a daunting task - it’s stressful, time-consuming and rather... Read More

The cheapest areas to rent in London

London is the most expensive city in the world. Fact, people. Here’s where to live if your money... Read More

Living in Hammersmith

Hammersmith, affectionally nicknamed Hammertown by locals, is in inner west London. It’s a popular... Read More

Alto Atacama - hotel review: Travel accommodation in San Pedro, Atacama Desert, Chile

Overview Located deep within northern Chile’s Atacama Desert, Alto Atacama is a luxury resort... Read More

Career spotlight: Self-employed carer

Kim Lyttle, 27, is originally from Sydney but she now lives in Roehampton. She works as a... Read More

Nurture your creative talent at the Shinebright Studio

The Shinebright Studio is a seven-week creative pop-up at the Old Truman Brewery which aims to... Read More

Looking to build your wildlife photography portfolio? There's a course for that...

If you've set your heart upon being a travel photographer but you need to get some experience... Read More

Love watching film and TV? This could be the job of your dreams...

If you're addicted to the box, this could be your perfect job... Read More

New creative hub launched in Shoreditch

Spread over four floors of a 1950s modernist building, Forge & Co. is a new east London creative... Read More

Want to work with pandas in China or orangutans in Malaysia?

Travel company i-to-i has just turned 20, and to celebrate its big birthday, the company is looking... Read More

Career spotlight: Have you got what it takes to be a manager?

If you've always had dreams of climbing the career ladder but you're unsure of where to... Read More

Careers: The real nanny diaries

Working doesn’t have to mean a boring desk job - why not travel the world, get good pay and change... Read More



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