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What have you learned about your life?

We went and saw Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet. It’s called a love story but it takes a long time to love somebody. I see it as more of an infatuation.

Romeo got to die a year into his relationship – he didn’t have to live through love, which is hard, man!

Would I have loved my wife more if she’d died a year into it? Do you think she would have loved me more with the fantasy of what I could have been, versus what she has lived through? 

You live in Edinburgh now – how did your relocation happen?

It’s a comedy of errors that’s got me to this place. We were hanging around in [native] Canada when friends said: “Come to England – they’d love you.” And people did, they wanted to book me for six months in a row which is unheard of in Canada. 

Did you start out in London?

Yeah, for six months and then we realised how expensive it is. So we moved to Wolverhampton [in the Midlands]. Then when going to the [Edinburgh] Fringe all we could get was a six-month lease, so we thought it might be a good time to move to Scotland. 

How do you feel about your new home?

I love it but Scotland lacks colour. When you walk downtown there’s these really cool, old grey buildings. You are thinking: “Did someone put any red anywhere?”

You were on Soccer AM last year – do you have an adopted football team?

I don’t have a Scottish team but I do like Wolves [Wolverhampton Wanderers] – they make me howl. But I never get to see them play as they’re not good enough to be on TV!

But having teams going up and down [between divisions] is exciting. They should do that in ice hockey, where instead they just have a billion teams all in the best league!

Tom Stade Totally Rocks. 
Leicester Square Theatre. 
Apr 4-6. £17.50  WC2H 7BX  
Tube | Leicester Square

Photo: Trudy Stade


Interview: Canadian comedian Tom Stade on his new stand-up show and moving to the UK
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