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When it comes to plagiarism and the importance of identifying those who are guilty of it, many question whether the UK needs to crack down further.

While committing plagiarism has been and still is a major problem in the UK and across the globe, new developments, including the likes of plagiarism checker technologies, are helping to ensure that those guilty of this offence are stopped in their tracks. Of course, there is plenty that can be done to help the UK crack down on plagiarism. Here’s what we found:

Monitoring & Recording Students Styles

It’s no hidden secret that a rising number of students are falling into the plagiarism trap and so in order to prevent any more individuals committing the sin, universities have begun to launch a new types of software. In order to crack down on plagiarism, a number of universities across the UK have begun to monitor each students writing style in the hope to stop plagiarism through the use of machine learning. By recording each students writing style, they will no longer be able to pass off another’s work as their own even when the original work has never been published. In other words, the launch of this software will help prevent the number of students turning to websites that can provide a professionally written piece, enabling them to reach the highest grades without lifting a finger. 

New Consequences

In the hope to crack down on plagiarism, some UK colleges and universities have been considering more damaging consequences for those who commit the crime. For the most part, students are informed of potential consequences early on in their degree but some institutions are beginning to put a bigger push on ensuring that they are aware of what the long-term, future effects could be rather than just the immediate action. One way in which they are doing this is by putting through new rules; while there is only so much guidance that can be provided, the new rules outline that any students who commits plagiarism, whether through copying word-for-word or utilizing an essay-writing service, risk having their grades effected or, in some cases, could be expelled.

Blocking Sites

Due to such a significant rise in the number of students committing plagiarism, universities and other educational institutions are being urged to block certain websites in order to crack down on the number of individuals getting away with doing the bare minimum. This idea was presented by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in order to stop plagiarism once and for all and while institutions in the UK are allowed to develop their own policies, the QAA wants to implement a more consistent plan that will help tackle the UK’s epidemic. 

With new students soon to be arriving at university and those who are starting their next year eagerly preparing for student life once again, universities and other institutions face yet another year tackling plagiarism. While blocking sites and implementing new consequences is not able to stop plagiarism completely, it will certainly reduce the amount of individuals who are paying for a professionally-written piece to achieve the top grade. What do you think? 

Does The UK Need To Crack Down On Plagiarism?
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