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Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours closed the 2010 London Film Festival last night, as Boyle and star James Franco took to the red carpet for the European premiere of the much talked about film.

In September, three people fainted and one person had a seizure when 127 Hours was screened at the Toronto Film Festival. And now on January 7 you’ll be able to test your own nerves with the true-story shock-fest.

127 Hours tells the tale of mountain climber Aron Ralston who was trapped in a Utah canyon after a falling boulder crashed on his arm.

What follows next has become the stuff of legend and few movie-goers will not be braced for the amputation scene said to be so horrific grown men have fainted.

However, shocking though the scene is, 127 Hours actor James Franco claims that the film never descends into a meaningless bloodbath.

"Danny really had to balance that scene. You can go too far and just have it be gratuitous gore, and it's almost like a horror movie.

"Or you can cut away and make it maybe a little more watchable, but then that takes away from what Aron went through," said Franco.

Ralston, however, is pretty chuffed about the film’s shock value, boasting: "Out of the six screenings I've personally been at, I think there's been a total of, like, seven faintings."

Rock on Aron. (Sorry!)

Watch the 127 Hours trailer here.


- Frankie Mullin

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