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“The Tower of London is one of the scariest places in London,” Davis says. “With over 20 recorded ghosts, it’s statistically the most haunted place in Britain. So many awful things happened there over the years– murder, torture, executions – that some of the poor victims appear to still be there. I certainly wouldn’t want to spend a night there alone!”

Getting on board a haunted bus to visit some of the most haunted places in London is certainly a nerve-wracking experience. For some, it would seem, it’s just a little too much to handle. “We’ve often had people crying during the tour, some hysterics and even people asking us to pull the bus over so they can get off as they were too scared,” Davis says of some of the reactions they have had from people who were not up to the challenge. “We get asked if it is too scary for children,” he offers, somewhat reassuringly. “But it all depends on the individual – we have had some kids who giggle through the whole thing and grown adults who can’t handle it! It is a comedy show, but we do make sure there are some ghoulish treats in store, too – perfect for Halloween!”



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