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Do you remember a time when a pint of beer would set you back just 20p? Prices have increased dramatically over the last 50 years. Long gone are the days when you could have a meal out and go to the cinema for under £1 - and still have change for the journey home. However, when you take inflation into account, some of these price hikes aren't as high as they first seem.

In this new quiz from, readers are encouraged to guess the original sales price of many household items in the UK, and then told how much this would be in today's money using an inflation calculator. 

For example, the quiz asks what the price of a Big Mac was in 1974 and gives you three possible answers to choose from. It will then tell you the correct answer and state how much that would be worth now.  

What's surprising is that while the price of many items has soared since the 1970s, other prices have stayed the same or even decreased when you take into account inflation. 

Think you have a head for figures? Try the quiz below and see for yourself how much you remember.


Prices Then and Now Quiz
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