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I'm a 30-year-old woman and have been getting flirty with the 18-year-old office intern at the accountancy firm where I work. We're going out on date and I want to jump him at the end of the night. Is that OK? And do 18-year-olds know what to do? I can't remember!

Miss Cougar, the point is that you know what to do?

The appeal of older lovers is experience, along with confidence and, in the terminology of youth, having ones ‘sh*t together’.

Along with knowing your way around a bed, his body (and your own), you are not going to play games (unless he wants you to!) or run for the hills and that is a very attractive proposition for anyone.

Age difference is more likely to create awkward little moments whilst both parties are fully dressed, rather than in the throws of passion.

When there’s a decade between you, historical references such as favourite kids TV shows, embarrassing adolescent pop-star crushes or any question that starts “do you remember…” should be avoided unless staring vacantly at each other over dinner is your idea of a hot date.

To ensure your date blazes, take control. Cougars prefer to hunt rather than be hunted and in true cougar-style, you’re already planning on “jumping him” so if he freezes like a fawn, have no worries, your instincts will take over!

One word: being in control doesn’t mean emasculate! I’m not suggesting that you pull on your thigh-high patents and boss the poor boy into submission (again, unless he wants you to).

 Take the lead in seduction, slide a condom his way and I’m sure his instincts will take over too.


Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium is the UK’s first ever sex shop for women with stores in Hoxton Square and Portobello Rd.  Sh! is 100% run by women for women and couples. Men are welcome unaccompanied on Gents Nights, held in both stores every Tuesday.




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