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Have you ever wondered how game designers come up with the incredible ideas behind your favorite video games? While the inspiration can come from anywhere and any thing, there are a few tricks designers use to set them on the right track towards creating a successful title. From asking for help, to observing the world around them, here are 4 ways video designers get inspired. 

Books and movies

Some of the first places game designers turn to when it comes to sourcing their next big idea are within great books and movies. Not only do popular books and movies often amass followings of super keen fans but they are full of intricate storylines and characters perfect for adapting or inspiring a video game title. Designers can work out what appealed to them the most about their favorite novels, films and even other video games. By appreciating different elements like storyline, dialogue, characters and themes, they can channel some of them in to amazing new ideas. Take a look at for free slot games that were inspired by some pretty famous stories.   

Finding a niche

Coming up with a unique idea that will stand out in an already saturated market is no easy task, that’s why many designers try to create a game that fits in to a very specific niche. Creating a new driving game that’s going to fly straight off the shelves will be a lot harder than coming up with a racing game with a new edge that will appeal to players’ desire for an entirely new gaming experience. Merging different genres and game styles helps cater to this need so designers are often looking to try out a variety of game combinations and tactics in order to find their new niche. 

Asking around

You’ll often hear a great deal of research goes in to coming up with world class video games and where better to start than asking your audience exactly what they want. Seeking help and advice from those who will actually be buying and playing your game is invaluable so designers often work out exactly what they want to learn then get out there and ask! Gamers can often help the designers see things from a different perspective and may even suggest ideas that they wouldn’t ordinarily have thought of. That said, as helpful as asking people exactly what they want is, it’s also important to find out what they don’t. Your audience can tell you what they are sick of seeing, as well as any themes or modes of play that no longer captures their attention.

Anywhere in the world

Many designers will often say that ideas for games came to them out of thin air and that’s probably because some of the best inspiration comes from the world around us. Paying close attention to what is going on in day to day life often sparks some of the greatest ideas so next time your feel your creative energy is running a little low, why not take 15 minutes, find a busy spot and just watch what happens?

4 unusual places game designers find inspiration
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