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Long gone are the days when gamblers would rush to the nearest casinos to get their fix of fortune, fame, and fun. Nowadays a gambling game is just a few clicks away. The online gambling market, worldwide, is sized at about $45 billion a year. Though it’s not like cars and fast food, most people are clueless about online casino gaming and how they can mobilize their money through it. The magic words for online casino gaming are ‘caution’ and ‘complete knowledge’. Listing below some mind-boggling facts and trivia which might help you know online casino gaming better.

Running Online Casino sites is Legal, And Sometimes Illegal Too

The laws prohibiting gambling are usually intentionally broad. For all practical purposes in the U.S. online gambling is legal. You might never be charged or prosecuted for placing a wager online but betting for someone else might get you in trouble, as it is like running a gambling business. 

In most parts of US gambling is treated like other vice crimes, the government tries its enforcement efforts on the business people providing this service rather than cracking the whip on the customers.  The laws are different state-wise too; in the state of Washington, it is a crime to play poker for money, though no one is known to be prosecuted as yet.  It is illegal for companies not licensed in the US to offer gambling services to its citizens. 

In the Middle-East there are strict laws against gambling for money, while in some other more enlightened places like England they have a tightly controlled and robust gambling industry. It’s common for enthusiasts to be regulars on websites that bring together several online casino options, such as the casino sites at

Online Casino Signup Bonuses Are Tricky 

The online casino signup bonuses are not as great a deal as you may have imagined. Many new online casino gamblers are impressed by free sign-up bonuses but that’s just a petty trick to lure them in. 

For instance, you are playing at a casino with a 200% matching bonus, you can get a $400 signup bonus. Your total bankroll is $600. Now to minimize their losses and not have gamblers take advantage, wagering requirements are 25X, 35X, 50X your deposit plus bonus amount to cash out. Say the house edge is 5%. If we take a generous 25X of $600 is $150,00 in wagers. 5% of 15000 is $750, which makes $150 in arrears.  So most of the times a bonus doesn’t guarantee a win.

Online Casinos Have Loyalty Clubs Too

Online casino loyalty clubs are also called slots clubs or players clubs. They track the frequency of your gambling and the amount you gamble. The real casinos provide rewards like comp meals, gift coupons etc.  Internet casinos provide rewards like cash rewards or rebates. There can also be high rollers in an online casino, in a real casino that means you get special treatment and a host but to know the high roller advantages in an online casino you should contact and ask the casino.

Spot A Cheating Casino Site

Cheating in the name of online gambling is, unfortunately, rampant. You have to be very sure of the websites you can play on. Usually, the sites are linked to accounts and liaison their payment gateways with trusted names likeMasterCard, Visa, American Express. Look for these labels and seals from e-casino approvers like ECOGRA

Always try and gauge the full information of the site and make it a point to know about the owners of the casino from the “About Us” section. Keep in mind to read the “Terms and Conditions” fully to know all the rules and regulations.

Gambling Information Sites Might Never Be Accurate

An average internet casino player can be worth over a $1,000 (minimum) to each site he bets on. Internet casinos are ready to pay $100 to $500 in referral, to the webmaster that refers these players to their business. So, the information portals have huge incentives to say nice things about the casinos, regardless of them being true or not. 

Customer Service of the Online Casinos 

Most of the casino cheating scandals would not have anything to do with them dealing an unfair game but almost always getting a customer’s withdrawal processed.  The challenge here is collecting your winnings. It might also be that you get your winnings long after you have initiated the withdrawal process. To combat such a problem you should thoroughly check the referral sites and read about the gambling site on the players’ forums.

Online Casino Popularity And Lotteries

It is estimated that the percentage of players playing online slots is as high as 90% and those remaining loyal to the land-based ones are just about 10%. The online gambling industry is expanding at a rate of 11% per annum. The total worth of the casino gambling industry is about $7 trillion. Only 33% of the total players call themselves professional gamblers. Online casinos also have lotteries.

Online Poker Players May Cheat

One way of cheating in an online poker game is data mining. Most card rooms had no rules regarding the use of software for tracking player’s statistics. You could pay for a subscription and get access to their database. You can then see, how often a player put his money in the pot, you could see his profits and make educated decisions to play against him. This is a subtle form of cheating.

Online casino gaming can be interesting if done with complete knowledge and understanding. We hope the information shared in this guide helps you enjoy, and remain secure. 

8 Mind-Boggling Facts about Online Casino Gaming You Didn't Know
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