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As per, general consensus and scientific opinion suggests that the dinosaurs were wiped out by a meteorite around 66 million years ago. However, the general allure and mystique surrounding dinosaurs remains alive and well. Whilst this is in no small part down to the success of Jurassic Park and the recent Jurassic World offerings, video games based around the prehistoric creatures have also helped keep their legend alive. Armed with a new release date for the next Jurassic World film (scheduled for release on June 11th 2021), we thought we would compile a list of our favourite and perhaps sometimes overlooked dinosaur-related video games. 

Dino Crisis

Those of you young enough to remember the release of Dino Crisis back in 1999 will feel the pangs of nostalgia coursing through your veins as you relive memories of dodging and destroying dinosaurs in true Capcom style. Essentially, the game is Resident Evil with dinosaurs instead of zombies but with a sizeable budget for it's time, the dinosaurs looked and felt very real. What's more, the whole environment was rendered in real-time, which made the characters feel like part of the virtual world as opposed to extras who were just passing through and popping in for a cup of coffee.

Raging Rex

Developed and marketed by Swedish company, Play'n GO, Raging Rex is a 6 reel online slot game available at which contains 4096 payways and a number of special features and bonuses. The game is set in a prehistoric forest within what was known as Laramidia (that's Western America to me and you) and focuses mainly on the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. Visually, the game is extremely pleasing on the eye and with hovering dragonflies and waterfalls aplenty, you'll feel transported back to the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. As for the slot aspect, there's a chance to win 5000 times your stake in the free spin feature and with a decent balance, the developers have got the balance just right between playability and smooth gameplay.


ARK: Survival Evolved

What started out as a Day-Z survival type game turned out to be one of the best reviewed games of the year back in 2017 as per Stranded on a deserted island (or so you think), your quest is to survive against hoards of dinosaurs and other primeval beasts roaming through the jungle. With that being said however, you don't need to kill the dinosaurs in order to negotiate your way around the terrain. It's possible to tame the beasts and there's even the option of riding a dinosaur into the sunset if you so wish (no, we're not kidding). All in all, ARK is a great online survival experience and when you throw other human players into the mix, you have a fantastic dinosaur-related game. 

More, More, More (please)

In the gaming realm, less is often more and most gamers will take quality over quantity. However, there are a distinct lack of dinosaur related games (especially for the next generation consoles) and so this is a direct plea to all gaming developers out there. We need more dinosaur related games. Now. Please. Many thanks.

A Selection of the Best Dinosaur Based Video Games
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