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The closed beta of Snappy 2.0 is now live. Made by Appy Pie, the no-code app maker, 2.0 enhances performance, speed, and provides encrypted security for its clients’ apps. Appy Pie is known for its proprietary DIY app building capabilities allowing users to make apps without any coding knowledge whatsoever.

The apps built on Appy Pie’s 2.0 platform enjoy real-time updation, with offline access and sync. Snappy 2.0 creates blazing fast apps with excellent performance speed and ensures a positive user experience.

Appy Pie’s founder Abhinav Girdhar says, “Appy Pie’s technology is relevant, affordable, and usable. Our no-code app builder makes it possible for business owners with small budgets to take their business to new heights with an app of their own. With Snappy 2.0, the apps will perform better and look amazing while offering an even better user experience.

Applications built on Snappy 2.0 get updated in real time meaning that all the changes that are made reflect immediately in the app. Snappy 2.0 also allows users to access the apps offline and syncs the apps automatically.

Security vulnerabilities are a major threat today. Snappy 2.0 has an evolved security system in place. Encryption is used extensively for data security and third-party APIs need to be authorized to be used and all APIs need to be token-based. Appy Pie’s Snappy 2.0 follows the Content Security Policy (CSP).

Appy Pie CTO, AV further stated, “We have incorporated GraphQL to give our clients the power to ask for exactly what they need and to empower us with bringing in all our data from multiple resources in a single request.”

How to create an app without coding? The solution is Appy Pie. The app-building giant’s goal is to make technology accessible and affordable for all kinds of businesses. They also provide a workflow automation platform, Appy Pie Connect and a PWA Store where you can download Android & iOS apps.

About Appy Pie

Appy Pie, a Trademark of Appy Pie LLP, is an unrivalled leader in the mobile app bandwagon that allows anyone to transform their app ideas to reality, without any technical knowledge. Simply drag and drop the features and create an advanced Android or iOS application for mobiles and smartphones, as easy as pie. You can also install Appy Pie's Android and iOS App and start creating your app on the fly. You can also download the PWA version of your app through PWA Store.

Appy Pie’s Snappy 2.0 – Your DIY no code app maker is now faster and safer!
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