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Slot machines are undoubtedly one of the most popular casino games ever. It is an all-time favorite because players have a variety of options, it is easy to master, and it features instant play.  It is a fast-paced and exciting game, loved by players of all ages.  

Playing online slots is becoming immensely popular because of the convenience that it provides to avid gamers. Imagine playing your favorite game of online slots and pumping it up to the next level with an exciting racing format. Anyone who has ever enjoyed gaming can now play Slot Races, designed for adrenaline-pumping action, emulating the excitement of both the game of slots and racing against the clock.  Avid gamers who have played this has declared it fun and truly engaging, with heart-thumping action guaranteed to be a favorite among enthusiasts.

Is Slot Races a great game and worth anyone’s time? This article will talk about its background, how it is played and its different features.

Slot Races: Background

The big success of online slot games can be attributed to a lot of factors, mainly because it is now increasingly easier to play your favorite games, all just a click away. These games can be enjoyed quickly and with no prior knowledge of gaming necessary. The online social element also cannot be ignored.  In fact, Slot Races is a multi-player game, where a leaderboard of players is shown.  It lets gamers play against other gamers live.

How to Play Slot Races

Slot Races is an ultra fast-paced game, a high-speed casino tournament.  The aim of the game is to race against your opponents in order to get as many points as possible. Players should accumulate as many points as they can manage before the time is up. By the end of the race, the player with the most points accumulated will be declared the winner.

How do you start playing? First, you need to register to the online gaming platform.  It is totally free. If you are already a registered member, then simply click on Slot Races and you will be directed to the game lobby. Just join the race of your choice by selecting “Join the Race.” Players can join the race even after it has started or anytime before it ends. Players can even participate in a race by playing one or more different games. They may also switch in between games while the race is ongoing.

Players need to spin and win as many points as possible until the time is up. Real money spins and bonus money spins are accepted. Take note that each race has its own minimum bet requirement, and bet amount varies per race.  Each race also has its own time limit. Spins used from Free Spin Vouchers or Free Play will not be able to accumulate points.

How Do You Win in Slot Races?

Slot Races offers a different number of prizes for each race. Prizes are usually listed, and players can get even bigger prizes for the ‘Main Event’.

The player with the most points at the end of the race will be able to get their reward right away. Boosting features within each race will give players opportunities to “Win”, which means that the payout is up to 5 times the bet amount. When you see “Jumbo Win”, it means that the pay-out is between 5 to 15 times the bet amount.  The pay-out in “Monster Win” is 15 times or more the best amount.  In “Double Jumbo”, the player gets two Jumbo Wins which equal to 100 points. The game also has special features.  When you hit these “Super Boosters” such as “Bonus Round”, “Free Spin”, or “Pick Me”, it is equal to 500 points. If there is a tie, the first player who accumulates the points first will be declared the winner.

At the end of the race, all prizes will be given.  Winnings can be in the form of bonus funds, real money funds, free play, or free spins. Winnings must be wagered 30 times before withdrawing.

Benefits of Slot Races

When you play Slot Races, you don’t need to have a whole of skill or experience in playing.  It is just simply fun and enjoyable, fit for players of all abilities.  As long as you love playing, you will enjoy and thrive in this game.

Players also get a chance to win lots of prizes and bonuses. For instance, new players get £88 of free play and there is no deposit required. The races are also filled with point-boosting features, so there are many chances to boost your points.

Another great thing about Slot Races is that players can follow their progress as they race. A race leaderboard panel is provided on the screen while the race is going on.  Players will be able to get live updates on real-time so that they can check how their competitors are ranking, point breakdowns, the number of spins left, and time remaining.

The Final Verdict

So, is Slot Races worth your while? The answer is a resounding yes.  With exciting new elements, an engaging and fun platform, and great bonuses and prizes, Slot Races is an exciting addition to the world of online gaming.  If you are craving for a high-speed, truly fun gaming experience with lots of great rewards in store, then Slot Races is the perfect game for you.

Game Review: Slot Races
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