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AI has the potential to create a greener planet to pass on to future generations. It’s supporters like Tej Kohli, Rewired investor, who make this possible.

Here's How AI Could Help Us to Save Our World 

AI has the potential to do great things for our world, from performing dangerous jobs in factories to taking care of the elderly. The possibilities being developed thanks to supporters like Tej Kohli, Rewired investor, are endless. One particular area in which AI has the possibility to make a significant and beneficial impact is in saving our planet – in more ways than one. 

Driverless Cars Will Make Way for a Greener World

With at least 11 companies promising to have driverless cars ready to hit the road by 2020, we are only a few years away from a greener future for our planet. While all of these cars won’t be electric, driverless cars will, in general, do their part for the environment.  

To begin with, a large number of these cars will be electric or hybrids, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. On top of that, with autonomous driving, bad habits that would cause increased greenhouse gas emissions such as excessive braking and accelerating and driving at high speeds will be a thing of the past. 

There Will No Longer Be a ‘Chance’ of Rain

How many times has the forecast called for rain, only for our umbrellas to weigh heavily in our bags, unused? AI technologies are being developed to better predict the weather, helping us better prepare for a variety of situations. Furthermore, these technologies will also examine the effects of climate change and how we can prevent it. 

As we will have better weather prediction thanks to AI, we will also have better warning for natural disasters. The technology will be able to help decide the best course of action or preparation, similar to the way it’s being used to identify the best move to play in online games such as AlphaGo. Applied on a large scale, it has the potential to save countless lives. Technologies like this give us hope that cities will no longer be devastated by natural disasters, as predictive AI will be able to share the best course of action to safeguard our cities. 

Smart Agriculture and Food Systems 

Crop diseases will be a thing of the past with AI-augmented agriculture, which will monitor crops, water them and ensure all processes are done efficiently – eliminating excess use of water, pesticides and fertilisers, factors that cause damages to important ecosystems. Technologies are also being developed to monitor livestock and provide them with timed nutrition. These advancements will help make bad crops a thing of the past and ensure that the world is never left hungry again. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk helped pave the way for driverless cars, and his visions for the future are rapidly becoming a reality. Tech entrepreneurs like Tej Kohli, AI enthusiast, are helping support ventures like Rewired, a robotics studio that is applying AI for the greater good. These pursuits are making great strides for humanity, streamlining processes and, in turn, saving the only planet that we have to call home. 

Here's How AI Could Help Us Save Our World for the Future
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