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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. The game is often featured in films and is a favourite among those that want to play for big money. Casinos, both offline and online offer high stake blackjack, so you have excellent opportunities to win big. There are a few aspects you should be aware of before you dive into betting and winning big playing blackjack. Let’s take a closer look at what these are.

Know Your Limits

High stake tables have limits. This takes the form of the total sum of wagers you can make. As such, choose the right limit for your budget. Some sites allow up to £25,000 to be wagered while some restrict you to £4,000. Sites such as make it easy to play blackjack for high stakes as all this information easy to find.

Set a Budget

With the larger sums involved, it is a good idea to have a budget and stay within it. Never chase losses and if it is a bad night walk away. Blackjack is an emotional experience, and with the adrenaline running through your system, it is easy to stop thinking clearly and chase a loss. This should be considered a cardinal sin.

Card Counting

Although card counting is proven to give you an edge, it is impossible to do online as the cards are shuffled after each hand. This has caught on in land-based casinos. Many now use special shoes that shuffle the cards after each hand.

Control your Nerves

When you play blackjack for high stakes, a calm head is essential. You could be betting up to £10,000 plus, and unless you control your emotions, you will make bad decisions. Betting this kind of money tends to attract interest. People will watch the game, and this adds to the excitement, but it also ramps up the adrenaline.

If you are new to betting the big money it might be an idea to go up in increments rather than jumping into the highest stakes you can find.

Play the Hands

Some online casinos allow you to play multiple hands. If you have an option to do so take it. You have greater odds at winning with one of your three hands than if you only played one hand. Also, you feel better when at least one of the hands is decent. If you’re lucky, all three will be good hands.

Check out the Perks

When choosing an online casino, always check out the perks. You can get excellent bonuses and or loyalty rewards. Take the time to weigh up the best offer before you start to play a few hands. It will be better in the long run.

Learn from Ben Affleck

When learning to play blackjack for high stakes, take advice. Hollywood star Ben Affleck discusses his blackjack experience in live casinos in an interview with Vanity Fair. He reveals he is a good card counter and was asked not to play by the Vegas casino.

If you want more entertainment stories, TNT has some great ones.

Blackjack Strategy

There are several good books and online information about playing blackjack, and you may have come across charts which show what move to make for any given situation. These are worth checking out and committing to memory. 

The strategy changes depending on the number of decks and the variation of the game, although broadly they are similar.

With this in mind, let’s look at basic strategy.

Hard Hands – No Ace

  • Hit on 2 to 7
  • Double down on nine if the dealer has 3 through 6. In all other instances, hit.
  • Double down on ten if the dealer has 2 through 9. In all other instances, hit.
  • If you have 11, double down unless the dealer has an ace, in this instance hit.
  • You have 12, the dealer has 4 through 6, stand. Hit if the dealer has anything else.
  • You have 13 through 16, the dealer has 2 through 6, stand. Hit if the dealer has anything else.
  • You have 17-21, stand.

Soft Hands – You have an Ace

  • Stand on Ace 8 or 9.
  • Ace 7, dealer 3 through 6, double.
  • Ace 7, dealer 2,7 or 8, stand. In all other instances, hit.
  • Ace 6, dealer 3 through 6, double. Anything different, hit.
  • Ace 4 or 5, dealer 3 through 6, double. Anything different, hit.
  • Ace 2 or 3, dealer 5 or 6, double. Anything different, hit.


  • Split 2s or 3s should the dealer have 2 through 7.
  • Split 4s if the dealer has a 5 or 6.
  • Split 5s should the dealer show 2 through 9.
  • Split 6s, if the dealer has 2 through 6.
  • Split 7s, if the dealer has 2 through 7.
  • Split 8s.
  • Split 9s, I the dealer has 2 through 6, 8, 9. Stand if the dealer shows an Ace, 10, or 7.
  • Stand on 10s or picture cards.

Learning to Play Blackjack for High Stakes
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