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There’s a prop bet for practically everything, but some people take it to the extreme and place some rather odd bets. From standard sports betting, to the height of the first player to score a touchdown or the likelihood of a friend being able to live in a hotel bathroom for 30 days straight, these are some of the strangest prop bets people have placed over the years. 

Who will be taller: The first goal scorer in the Golden Knights-Capitals game or the first player to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl? 

Caesars Palace offered this prop bet with the odds set at -150 for a hockey player and -120 for a football player. If it seems like the outcome would be obvious, it’s worth remembering that the leading scorer for the Golden Knights is Jonathan Marchessault who is 5ft9, and that the second leading scorer, William Karlsson, is only 6ft1. Compared to football players like Rob Gronkowski and Zach Ertz who are 6ft6 and 6ft5 respectively, it makes the bet a little more interesting. 

Four rounds of golf in a single day

Professional poker player Erick Lindgren set himself the difficult task of shooting under 100 in each of four rounds of golf, totalling 72 holes. Alongside this tricky bet, there were other conditions that had to be met, such as completing all of the rounds on one of the toughest courses in Vegas, the Bear’s Best; walking the entire course, with no caddy or golf buggy; and shooting from the pro tees. The bet was placed with Gavin Smith and American pro Chris Bell for $100k, with Phil Ivey adding another $200k to the bet. Once Lindgren made it to round four, Gavin and Chris cashed in early and settled with Erick for $60k. Ivey decided to continue but ended up losing $340,000 when Lindgren succeeded.  

30 days in a Bellagio bathroom

One-upmanship is often at the core of a prop bet and that was the case for Andrew Robl when he and a friend discussed living in the Bellagio Hotel for 30 consecutive days. Another friend, Jay Kwik, upped the stakes by stating it had to be in the bathroom and the bet was placed for $250k. With Robl stating that Kwik had never gone longer than 10 days without playing poker, this was a harsh prospect for him to have to endure. Kwik wasn’t allowed any physical interaction with anyone, only 400 minutes of talk time on a phone and there was a $500 bounty on his head if anyone caught him breaking the rules. However, the bet was bought out for $40,000 after 20 days when Kwik’s friends declared he was ‘too good’. 

Total number of Trump tweets during the McGregor-Mayweather fight

Trump tweets an average of seven times a day, so the odds of over6.5 and under 6.5 were well placed. With the President immediately expressing an interest in the fight, it was to be expected that he would shout his opinions over the Internet – but how many times would he do so?

The Weirdest Prop Bets People Have Placed 
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