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Remember the time when brick-and-mortar casinos were all the rage? There just wasn't a better way to have fun with your mates than spending the night out at a pub and finally finishing with some good old casino entertainment. Although the allure of doing this is definitely still there, there are now some even more lucrative ways to spend your gambling budget as well.

Granted, nights out are more about having fun and being free rather than just purely optimising your chances to win. Still, if you have a love for gambling and are on somewhat on a budget, you would rather not spend your money aimlessly—and in a drunken stupor, nonetheless. Instead, you would be looking to capitalise on your chances in the most effective way possible.

One of the great things about choosing to play online instead of at your local gaming establishment is the fact that online casinos are all about bonuses. With brick-and-mortar casinos, you sometimes feel unwelcome and as if everyone is eyeing on your every moment. There is none of this online, however, as you are being welcomed with major bonuses right out of the gate—no matter what you happen to be wearing.

Most of us gambling enthusiasts already know all there is to know about online casino welcome bonuses, but here we are mostly going to be focusing on some other perks that you can get. Namely, we will be talking about loyalty clubs as well as a thing called gamification in iGaming.

What are loyalty clubs

Welcome bonuses are basically the way for online casinos to roll the mat for you and thank you for choosing them amidst all the other gaming establishments. Loyalty clubs, on the other hand, are more about thanking you for your continued business. In other words, these clubs will reward you for sticking with the same online casino for a longer period of time. Rewards here could include things like lower wagering requirements, occasional free spins, and faster withdrawals.

As great as some of the best loyalty schemes can be, we think that these things are simply going out of style—fast. The reason for this is that online casino monogamy rarely exists anymore. There are simply dozens of casinos out there offering you great welcome offers all the time. Even if you try to take advantage of all the best offers out there, new ones are constantly popping up, which means that you basically do not have time to focus on just one casino with their cutesy little loyalty club. It is almost like getting free coffee when other places are giving you 75% discounts for three-course meals. Not to mention the grind that is needed in order to rise to a higher level of loyalty!

What is gamification

Loyalty clubs in iGaming have been around for ages, but gamification is still very much fresh out of the oven. This online casino feature combines both the story and the level-up system from video games such as Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, World of Warcraft, and more. With gamification casinos, you are often presented with an epic story of a knight or some other hero trying to save their world from impending doom. This story then progresses each time that you play your favourite slot machines. Once you have played enough, you might defeat a boss creature of some sort and gain some goodies for it.

The cool thing about gamification is that you literally have two stories going on at the same time. First is the narrative for your usual casino journey—with its usual highs and lows, valleys and peaks. Then, on the other hand, you have your character's journey that you can get invested in and follow as well. In a way, it is a “two for the price of one” type of deal. Many of the new casinos being launched has some kind of gamification feature, you can find more info on this website.

We would argue that gamification beats loyalty clubs on two very different levels. Firstly, gamification gives you a very modern, video-game like take on casinos, whereas you can almost hear loyalty clubs scream “thing of the past” out loud. Secondly, gamification is all about progression as you are constantly being showered with extra gifts instead of having to come back for more and more and more to see the results. There is no need for actual loyalty here, as you are being rewarded right there and then. Instead of having to bust your behind to prove to another person that you are nice, you are constantly being evaluated based on your current behaviour. Sounds fair to us!

Things will no doubt get even better

One last thing that we feel that needs to be said is that gamification is only in its early stages at the moment. We believe that online casinos will undoubtedly take this idea to further heights in the future. That will be when we can say without a shadow of a doubt that loyalty clubs really have nothing at all on gamification!



What's Gamification's and Why's It Trumping All of the Loyalty Clubs in iGaming
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