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"The first guy we found was wanking, but the girl in the audience got really into it – she dropped her top down, took down one bra strap, then the other, and this guy was going mental.

Then we dropped the sheet to reveal 750 people – it was the first time I have seen someone masturbating in a puzzled fashion!”

Chat roulette has since become a regular feature in the show, although Jones admits he has had to click away before someone else’s climax upstages his show’s own. 

It would be easy to envisage Jones as a cruel ringmaster, someone who takes pleasure in the discomfort of others, but the truth, of both man and show, is nothing of the sort.

Despite teasing for the sake of comedic titillation, the atmosphere at his gigs is one of unity, where audience and performer are one in many respects.

There are regular parties and get togethers for the named and shamed, and you can even arrange to meet Jones for a game of beer pong to collect your ticket, as others have done.

Even reviewers, who’ve occasionally felt the sharp end of his comedy focus, seem forgiving and won over; he has cajoled some into a ‘Critics Obstacle Course’, in which journos are put through their paces, made to jump through hoops – literally – and then face Jones in a custard pie fight.

“One reviewer had tweeted that his first housemate was a sometime nudist,” Jones says of one particular encounter with a critic.

“So to get the best review possible I wanted to make him feel at home, of course, so I got a naked man to sit next to him for the show.”

His latest London Comedy Sale began last week at his new weekly residency in north London’s The Star of Kings pub, and he has lofty ambitions for where it may end up.

“I want to find a more ridiculous place to do this show, the Royal Albert Hall maybe,” he ponders. “I sent them an email last week but I haven’t heard back.

“The Hammersmith Apollo would be a fantastically silly place to do a show, too, for a guy who has no TV presence. Or I might go the Secret Cinema route and try and find some disused fire station and do one there.”

While he doesn’t know where this latest run will take him, or who and what it will put him in touch with, one thing’s for sure. “It’s become the weirdest job and I didn’t expect that!” Jones laughs.

Most of his audiences would probably say exactly the same.

Sanderson Jones’s Comedy Sale. Weekly at The Star of Kings 
126 York Way, King’s Cross, N1 0AX  
Tube | King’s Cross; Twitter @sandersonjones; text 0411048656

Photos: Jess Bonham



Be very afraid of comedian Sanderson Jones and his new stand-up show Comedy Sale
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