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Was it the most memorable to work on?

Yeah, but Aliens [playing Corporal Dwayne Hicks] was fun at Pinewood Studios in London.

You said that Rodriguez inspired you to become a director, but you’ve also said you’d take a bullet for Cameron – what were your first impressions of him?

He impressed me right from the very beginning of production on The Terminator. He is a very talented guy, very smart and also just a lot of fun to work with.

He has a reputation for being a hard taskmaster on set...

Yeah, but I’ve never had that experience with Jim. He’s always been amazing to work with.

Was it frustrating that your role in Terminator 2: Judgement Day was cut?

It was in there until the very last moment! I wish it was in there for my residuals, of course, but I understood they had to support the story.

Have you and Cameron ever been close to working together again?

We have been very close to it on a few different occasions, yeah.

Was Avatar ever on the cards, then?

I was close to doing it. I waited 10 months to hear about a role before I found out it was going to Stephen Lang, and I have not heard any word about sequels or prequels. Of course I would love that, but we haven’t discussed it.

What has been the biggest regret of your career?

There are a few decisions and movies I wished I’d done. Eight Men Out [1998 baseball movie about the Boston Red Sox match-fixing scandal of 1919] was a mistake not to do, and Internal Affairs [Mike Figgis’ 1990 LA crime thriller] was another one I should have accepted.

Your first role involved you getting punched by John Travolta in Grease – did you look to continue in musicals?



The Victim (pictured above) is out on DVD now courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment

Photos: Peter Kinerko


Interview: Actor Michael Biehn on working with James Cameron, being punched by John Travolta and his new directorial-debut film, The Victim
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