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Imagine this: you’re fulfilling your dream of trekking to Mount Everest’s base camp, and you turn to your right to see Murray Hewitt, the hopeless band manager of Flight of the Conchords, trekking alongside you. No, you haven’t died and gone to ‘hiven’.

Come October, this could be a reality. Well, almost.

Rhys Darby is as close to Murray you’re ever going to get, and the Kiwi comic is taking part in Stand Up on Everest later this year. They’re still looking for people to join the 50-strong audience and help raise money for Save the Children.

“I think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” says Darby, his distinctive voice bouncing out of our phone as he chats from his home in California. “You have to make a real commitment to go to a place like that. Your regular comedygoers would not necessarily think to go up to Everest Base Camp to watch a gig,” he laughs.

Fellow comedians joining the trek are Stewart Francis, Craig Campbell, Glenn Wool, Simon Evans and Terry Alderton. “You get a big adventure and the comics are all fantastic. And you’re not just watching them perform, you’re getting to spend nine or 10 days with them, so relationships will build there too.” Imagine saying you’re mates with Murray? Awesome.

Darby is also heading for London in July with his new Show, Mr Adventure, so TNT took the chance to find out more, and to ask if we will ever see Murray again...

We must confess, we miss Murray. Do you miss him too?

I do miss playing him. It was a lot of fun. It was a very exciting time in my life. Things were really taking off and we were having all this success on a fantastic network in America. It was all a bit dreamy, looking back. Murray was a character that felt very natural to play. I just sort of plucked him out of nowhere. I suppose he was inspired by the multitude of bosses I’ve worked for; I think a bit of a throw-back to my military days are definitely in there. Some of the guys who used to tell me what to do and really had no idea what they were doing (laughs). He’ll always be close to me, that character, and the three of us get together to reprise those roles and do a little skit here and there, for charity events and things like that.

There was talk of a film...

There has always been talk of a film - it’s one of those mythical things (laughs). I think there will be a point in the future, when things calm down a bit, and we’ll get together and possibly do that. Never say never... but don’t hold your breath

Do you often get asked to ‘do Murray’ as it were?

Not in my live stand-up shows, because most people who come to those know what I do is very different. But I get requested to play him for various projects.


Interview: Rhys Darby
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