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Controversial X Factor contestant Kitty Brucknell is being accused of calling a fellow participant on the show an 'evil black bastard'.

It is alleged former stripper Brucknell directed the racist insult at Derry Mensah (below), a member of the boy band The Risk.

A X Factor source claims the pair became embroiled in an argument when The Risk singer asked Kitty to move from a sofa in the practice room while his band rehearsed.

The hot-tempered blonde allegedly lost her temper and let fly with the racist invective.

Kitty haters on Twitter weren't impressed.

@MissSmurf79 wrote: "GET   HER   OUT !! !   Who   does   this girl think she is??????"

@Jamesinrehab was equally disgusted: " It's turning into BB!" he tweeted.

The race row just the latest controversy for the 26-year-old Britney Spears impersonator.

On Saturday's live show, viewers were outraged when Kitty's voice appeared to be doctored during her performance of the Eurythmics Sweet Dreams.

Allegations of the use of voice-enhancing Auto-Tune were soon bouncing around the Twittersphere in a repeat of last year’s scandal in which show bosses confessed to doctoring audition performances.

ITV1 bigwigs are insisting it wasn’t employed this year – but have admitted that Kitty’s voice was manipulated for the first 20 seconds of the track.

The Botox-using Kitty has seriously divided the opinions of X Factor fans - they either love her or hate her. Still, it's the cause of some good tweets.

"If Kitty Brucknell continues to wear hotpants that small, we shall eventually be able to see her fallopian tubes."

wrote: "brainstorming halloween costumes, ideas so far: something dead, something in drag or kitty brucknell."

 tweeted: "Someone needs to inform Kitty Brucknell she isn't Lady Gaga
While that's all in fun, the singer's boyfrioend Dave Gorman, who recently told media he still hasn't had sex with her, has revealed Kitty has received more than 150 death threats.
According to Gorman, X Factor bosses are scared for the safety of the wacky singer when she's out and about in public.


 “I can’t believe how many sick people there are out there," he said.

“She is the only X Factor contestant who isn’t allowed to meet fans outside after each show because the bosses are so worried someone will attack her.”


X Factor Kitty Brucknell in race row with Derry Mensah
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