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You might not buy a house while you live in London, but you sure are going to buy various other things - be it electronic equipment, camping gear, works of art or sports equipment? All of this can - and should be - insured.

What to get?

Your earthly possessions are covered under the broad term 'home insurance', although it is not insurance for the home itself. There are three main types: buildings insurance, home contents insurance, and combined buildings and home contents insurance.

Buildings insurance protects you against damage to the structure of your home together with its fixtures and fittings, while home contents insurance guard against damage to or loss of the belongings you keep in and around the place you stay.

If you're wondering what to insure, think of it as the stuff you would like to take home with you one day. The last option is a combination of both your building and home contents insurance cover.

What must I look out for?

Two for one: Many companies offer cheaper home insurance if you take both building and contents insurance. So, if you do own a flat or a house, this is the way to go.

The fine print: When it comes to insurance, knowledge is really power. Take the time to read the fine print. It could save you loads.

What is covered?

Both buildings and contents insurance cover damage caused by falling branches and trees, riots, lightning strikes, explosions, fire, storms, flooding, landslides, stuff like aeroplanes falling from the sky, earthquakes, the impact of a vehicles into your house, theft, your TV aerial collapsing, leakage of water from tanks or pipes and of oil leaking form your heating system.

What should I pay?

Your location is the most important factor and you will see that it is your postcode that forms the base of your cost calculation. But the provider will also take into account your previous claim history and the items you want to ensure.

Typically, you could get contents insurance in Wimbledon for home contents to the value of £40,000 for as little or less than £20 per month. If you add specifics like ID fraud insurance, legal protection and home emergencies the bill could rise to almost £40 per month.

Where to shop?

We reckon that your best bet is going online. Sites like Direct Line, Aviva, and LVC offer home insurance. You should also visit price comparison sites; and are good places to start.



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