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Shoes are meant to provide you with the utmost comfort while you walk. But, it should also give you the confidence to look and feel as good as you want to be. Can it do both? That’s where the controversy lies. Some say that they want to wear whatever is comfortable while others believe they want to look smart in whatever they wear. So, what is it about wearing flats versus wearing heels that make girls oppose one another?

The ideal choice

Both types of shoes come with their own benefits and you get to decide which type of footwear is appropriate for you. There are plenty of shoes available that you can choose from and you can get them at surprisingly low prices. You can even get an Amazon discount code to get your favorite pair of shoes at a more affordable price tag. But, before you buy, think of what you prioritize: something that will be easy on your feet or a pair that will give you the confidence boost you long for?

The raised effect

Let’s start with heels, shall we? The way you dress tells a lot about your personality. The way you carry the dress, the suave, and everything that makes you look confident is what should reflect on the way you dress. But, it is not just about the dress, is it? Your choice of footwear does a lot in signifying your personality. This is precisely why countless women go for high heels. Many don't even think twice about wearing heels. They look elegant while providing a few additional inches that allow you to stand tall and confident. And if you're going to wear a classy dress, then heels are almost always a must.

The flat effect

Okay, heels can give you confidence, but will you be confident enough if you are not comfortable? You've probably experienced gutting through the pain that often comes with wearing high heels. These are the times when you'd wish you had flats with you. Flats give you all the comfort you need without necessarily compromising your style. For many women, comfort trumps whatever confidence boost they gain from heels. What you should know is that plenty of options await you when you shop for flats. You can get several pairs to match different occasions and dresses. Explore your options and you might be surprised how stylish flats can be.

Sometimes, it can prove difficult to choose between heels and flats, especially if your dress appears to go well with both. The good news is that you don't always have to worry about comfort vs confidence. The right pair can offer you the best of both worlds. Finding the perfect balance is what you should aim for. Heels are often your go-to for formal occasions, while flats can suffice for more informal gatherings. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that it's ultimately on you to exude confidence which, in turn, helps you feel more comfortable with your choice of footwear.

Balancing Confidence and Comfort – Flats Vs Heels
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