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Finding a truly full-body workout during your lunch hour can be no easy feat.

The obscurely named 20:20:20, however, makes the most out of that chunk of time usually reserved for a naughty feed.

Situated in the centrally located (if slightly hidden) Golden Lane Sports & Fitness (hint: walk through the car park for quicker access), this class is about as all-encompassing as they come.

The format is simple: 20 minutes of each session is dedicated to step aerobics, 20 minutes to resistance training, and 20 minutes to ab work.

We felt somewhat self-conscious stepping into the tiny, all-glass workout studio, but soon we were too enmeshed in the workout to care if we looked stupid to passersby.

At the end of the session, it was clear that almost any muscle that could be exercised, had been.

Needless to say, we were feeling sore the following day, and 20 minutes of assorted stomach crunches made it painful even to laugh.

It definitely marked the most productive lunch hour we’ve had in a very long time. Booking is advised, as the studio fills up pretty quickly.  

Classes are £6.80 each, Thursdays between 12.10pm-1pm. 

Golden Lane Sports & Fitness 
Fann Street, EC1Y 0SH 
Tube | Barbican


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Fitness class of the week: 20:20:20 for a full-body workout
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