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According to a recent report IMS Health, consumer spends heavily on the prescriptions and this count is rising persistently. It is always good to talk to your doctor about the medicine cost and most importantly your pharmacist.

Your pharmacist can be your good friend. Advancement of technologies has enabled people to get easy online doctor consultation, prescriptions and medicines. This has made life very convenient and saved a lot of time and energy of patients. 

Not only it is convenient and accessible, it is also economical. Buying medicines not only includes the comfort of shopping from home but it also make avail price discounts. Those who are living in remote areas, for whom reaching the medical shop is difficult and who are short of time ordering medicines online is an advantage. 

A number of people consume multivitamin medicines such as Zincovit. You don’t need to stick on the costly ones; you can have any substitute to fulfill the requirements of vitamin in your body.  Go for the generic drug such as Becadexamin, Revital Daily Health and more. They also have the similar composition and strength. 

Pricing is the only key to online pharma. The various ways by which buying medicine online can help patients make economic medical decisions are given in the listical below: 

Go to a Big-box Store:  There are certain pharmacies in big-box chains and grocery stores that offer a number of generic medications at affordable prices. Look up at internet or ask the pharmacy and get a copy to your doctor. Don’t be disappointed if your medicines are not available on the list: look for it at a different store as different chains have different list. 

Try Generics: Generic medicines are considerably cheaper than branded-name medications. They have the same active ingredients as of the branded-name drug. For instance, the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor retails for about INR 28, 124 for 30-day supply on the other hand the generic version, atorvastatin is about INR 761 for 30-day supply. If you don’t get the generic version then ask for the similar drug with a generic version. 

Clinically generic drugs are also effective and preferred by the insurers. So if have health insurance you can save on your generic prescription. Generics are always the cheapest option even if you are not insured. 

Get a Bigger Dose: There are some prescriptions medicines that can be separated with a splitter. Consult your doctor if you can get a double dose of the medicine. For instance, probably you get 20mg pills that can be split into two 10mg pills. Some of the medications can’t be split, such as tablets that are enteric-coated or capsules or suspension form of the medicine.

Apply for Assistance: State governments, local authorities, Medicare, non-profit groups, and even drug maker offers certain type of prescription assistance programs for general public. Basically the motive of these programs is income requirements. Non-profit organization includes Prescription Assistance or Needy Meds. Rest of the resources includes Extra Help in Medicare and state assistance program. Other option includes directly contacting the manufacturer directly or visiting the Medicare Website.  

Shop Around: Retail prices of the medicines vary. There are few pharmacies who buy directly from the manufacturers while other buys through middleman and they cost more than normal. Before buying medicines call the pharmacy in your area and compare the prices or use an app to do that work for you. 

If you are on Medicare, update plans: Medicare plans changes often or yearly which includes all the medication it covers and the deductible price. Visit Medicare’s website and review the options using their personalized plan option. 

Prescription Discount Cards: Discount programs partner with different pharmacies to offer discounted rates on prescription medicines.  This may not work with insurance others are preferred for the uninsured. Many discount cards are frauds or scams just to get your personal information. 

Some of the cards are free while some have eligibility criterion or fees. And the amounts of savings vary by medicine and pharmacy. 

Review your Drug Regimen: Review all of your medicines with your doctor timely. Maybe you need to change it over time or replace it with another one. Implementing healthy lifestyle may reduce your medication, as a healthy diet and regular exercise can help to get over the disease easily. So it’s good to consult the doctor and review your prescription. 

Fill 90-day Prescription: Instead of taking standard 30-day prescription but filling of 90 day. This trick is more relatable to the patients with long-term medical conditions as they need long-term use of medicines. 

Prescription Coupons: Check the manufacturer’s website as most of the pharmaceutical companies offer coupons for their brand name medicines. It’s not easy to get the reliable price always, but being careful while buying any medicine might just be the best way to save more.

How to Save Big by Buying Medicines Online
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