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Reports show that about 25 percent of men who take testosterone treatment have not actually ascertained whether or not they have low testosterone. What that means is that they go ahead with the treatment before knowing if they need it in the first place. 

Testosterone, as you may well know is a hormone that is produced in men’s body by the testicles. The hormone is responsible for a man’s appearance and sexual development. It is worth noting that as one ages, testosterone levels tend to decrease. However, the problem has also been seen in younger men. A decrease in sex drive might compel you to think that maybe your testosterone levels are diminishing. You should not make any assumptions yet. Intake of testosterone, while you are not sure of its levels, can have serious health consequences. 

Studies have shown that high levels of testosterone increase the risk of prostate cancer. Before you jump into conclusions, you should look out for the following symptoms, after which you should consult a doctor before starting testosterone treatment.

1. Low libido

Is there a drastic drop in your desire to have sex? It might be a warning sign. Well, it might not necessarily be a drop in T levels, especially if you are of age. Testosterone has a significant role to play in sex drive. A decrease in sex drive would only mean that something is not right with testosterone.

2. Low semen volume

If you have started noticing a decline in the amount of semen during ejaculation, you should consider visiting Testosterone is also responsible for the production of semen. If not much of it is produced, then it might be a sign that you need to enroll in testosterone treatment.

3. Challenge with erection

While difficulty with erection may be due to a pool of other reasons like diabetes, stress, anxiety, depression and other conditions, it might also mean that your testosterone levels are low. If this symptom is combined with others like low semen level and sex drive, you should consider being examined for testosterone levels.

4. Low muscle mass and increased body fat

Have you noted some increase in body fat? That may be a sign that the testosterone and oestrogen in your body has an imbalance, which can also mean that the testosterone is declining. It can be accompanied by a decrease in your muscle mass. Your strength and function may remain intact, but there is a high chance that your testosterone is diminishing. 

5. Hair loss

While balding can be blamed on aging in older men, low T may also be a culprit. If you are balding prematurely, then that may be a good sign that you need to do something to stabilize your testosterone. The hormone has a role to play in the production of hair. Loss of hair can either be hereditary, due to old age and a decrease in testosterone. 

If you are experiencing the symptoms above, it is advisable you seek medical assistance and further direction.

Signs You Need Testosterone Treatment
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