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For most men, there is no combination of words more daunting than “male pattern baldness.” However, the majority of these men will have to face it at some point during their lives.

For some, male pattern baldness hits whilst they are very young, and for others it’s not a problem until they hit their 50s or 60s and, let’s be honest, who cares about losing their hair at that age?

Men who are going bald tend to ignore the fact that they are losing their hair and embrace their newfound baldness, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Although some people don’t care about going completely bald, those who would rather keep their hair have plenty of options, and we’re not talking about a comb over (you’re not fooling anybody!)

#1: Why Does Male Pattern Baldness Happen?

For younger men, the realisation that their hair is going can feel horrible and confusing and they will often be unsure of the underlying cause.

Male pattern baldness is caused by a chemically imbalanced hormone known as DHT, a derivative of testosterone which is created in the bodies of males. In the body, DHT’s main function is to develop male characteristics such as facial hair. Whilst DHT is great for beards, it’s not so good for the hair on our heads. It is the main contributory factor to male pattern baldness because the activity of DHT stops the growth of hair follicles over time. 

In short, DHT attaches to the root of hair follicles and causes the growth stage to get shorter with each new cycle. Eventually, the hair stops growing completely. 

#2: Solutions for Hair Loss

You don’t have to go bald. There are lots of treatments available on the market which can help slow down and even reverse the onset of male pattern baldness. Whilst there are lots of treatments available, such as medication and topical hair treatments, hair transplants are by far the best. There are plenty of affordable options when you research hair transplant cost comparisons. 

Hair transplants work by taking healthy hair follicles from the back of your head and then implanting them into the top of your head. When done, your hair will continue to grow as normal on the back of your head and will also begin growing again on the top of your head. 

#3: Embracing Baldness

Many men opt to embrace their inevitable baldness rather than try to fight it, especially given the “alpha male” look which a bald head can deliver if you can grow a nice beard and are particularly muscly. There’s nothing wrong with going bald if you aren’t too bothered about it, and it can even improve your image in some cases. For those who don’t want to go bald, however, there are treatment options available.

Going bald isn’t the end of the world and there are a great many things which can be done to stop or reverse the loss of hair. 

What is Male Pattern Baldness?
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