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The NHS has been saving lives in the UK for 70 years. In the past few years though, there have been countless headlines talking about how budget cuts and lack of investment are slowly destroying our beloved national health service.

Could these headlines have leaked into our public consciousness and do we now feel that it is our responsibility to save the NHS in return?

Recent survey findings from UK solicitors Your Legal Friend have shown that 69% of British NHS users would delay a non-urgent GP or hospital appointment to help ease pressure on the NHS over the winter period. These concerns echo NHS data that has shown that more people are waiting longer than the official 18-week target for non-urgent treatment. Last year, it was said that waiting times were at their highest in nine years.

As winter approaches, we know that these months are place the heaviest strain on our NHS, with more coughs and colds affecting our population, and an increase in bugs. Interestingly, the study also showed that nearly a third of people would not visit a friend or family member for fear of being struck down with a bug. 

These findings align with a pattern of compromising our own health in favour of easing pressure on our NHS. Further findings showed that 80% of people would wait up to one month before chasing an expected follow up appointment with their healthcare provider. 9% stated that they would simply wait until they were contacted and not follow up if they were not contacted about their appointment by their provider. 

It's important that people do their part to help the NHS. This can be by visiting their pharmacist rather than their GP with small maladies, or thinking before they go to A&E. This should not take the form of delaying treatment or staying silent about untreated illnesses, as these can become more costly to treat if left untreated for too long.

Winter is coming, are we delaying treatment to save our NHS?
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