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Top tips on how to care for your favourite pair of jeans.

Finally found your perfect pair of jeans? Check out these top tips from Evisu on how to keep them that perfect deep shade of dark blue for the rest of your life...

The raw denim connoisseur prefers to wear a pair of jeans every day for 4-6 months without washing them to allow the unique caste and patina of the denim to reveal itself. After 6 months, you can fill the bathtub with lukewarm water, turn your jeans inside out & soak it in the water. Warm water holds the colour better than cold. This soaking method will strengthen and deepen the raw denim as the fabric shrinks, slightly tightens the weave and actually deepens the indigo as it bleeds into the fabric. Using a washing machine or hot water will destroy the crinkles and lead to a huge degree of shrinkage

Always use flat-drying or hang dry your denim instead of tumble-drying, which can cause ‘flaming’ or uneven streaky lines in the fabric as well as shrinkage Dryer heat can sap colour, shrink fabric and break down stretch fibres found in many styles

Soaps & detergents are not advised to be used on raw denim, with the same warm soaking method, simply move the denim around in water to loosen up dirts and grimes. Never use bleach unless you want that 70’s acid wash effect

You don’t want those stupid folding creases

This housewife trick can help prevent your jeans from bleeding and keep the fabric colour “true” for longer, and it costs just pennies. Plain white vinegar contains a mild acid called acetic acid, which works to neutralize bacteria. This is why vinegar is commonly used as an environmental-friendly household cleanser. It also helps to lock in dye and prevent fabric bleeding on dark indigo jeans. Simply add a cup of white household vinegar and a quarter cup of salt to the cold-water bath. These natural ingredients help set the dye within the jeans fabric, providing some protection against bleeding. Don't worry about your jeans smelling like salt and vinegar potato chips, the scent will disappear when the fabric is dry

We assume dry cleaning is a responsible and effective method in terms of keeping our clothes in good shape. But not so much when it comes to jeans. All those chemicals can take a toll on the fabric by weakening it slowly. It could also result in a shiny finish, which probably isn’t the look you’re going for is it?

It’s not some strange science experiment: it’s actually thought to be an effective way of refreshing a funky pair of jeans. Spray your pair with a dose of Febreze or any other fabric refresher, let them dry first then put them in the freezer overnight. The idea is that he icy blast kills some of the stinky bacteria and also locks in the fresh scents.

Words: Evisu 


How to care for your denim
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