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Many people wish that they had gotten involved in the mobile phone business right at the start of its life. However, there are still many ways that you can enter this marketplace without actually selling phones, which is an option that has been dominated by the bigger businesses and online retailers for a long time. So, here are a few potential ideas for you to get your head around.

Mobile Marketing

People now use their phones to access the internet more than any other type of device, so it makes sense that you focus on this area if you are interested in the field of marketing. This is a field that continues to grow in a big way. Perhaps you could get involved in designing the ads from concept to completion. If you can show businesses that this is the way forward rather than traditional billboard ads, etc., this can only be a good thing.

Mobile Web Design

Using that stat about people using their phones to access the internet more than any other type of device, you could seek to capitalize on this by getting involved in the field of mobile web design. Many websites simply do not work when they are reduced down to fit on a mobile phone, so you could help companies in this area if you have the necessary level of technical expertise. Again, you are likely to be entering a marketplace that is already quite crowded.

Mobile Accessories Shop

More and more people want to treat their phones well – from creating new and customized covers to protective screens. Therefore, rather than actually selling the phones themselves, you could instead sell the accessories that go with them. To set yourself apart from the crowd, you could potentially sell handmade items rather than those that are simply run-of-the-mill. Perhaps you could initially launch your business online, or you may even want to look at a physical shop. If you go down the latter route, you will want to keep your costs as low as possible, so take a look at Utility Bidder as a way of doing just this. By reducing your water and electricity bills, you can ensure that aspects like this won’t run your business into the ground.

Mobile Phone Apps

Going back to the technical side of things, it may feel like the app market is one that is already saturated, but you can still get involved in it. For example, you could seek to target a particular niche in the field, such as a certain type of small business. With people spending hours on apps on a daily basis, it makes sense that you try and target a niche rather than going too broad in such as a highly competitive marketplace.

There are plenty more ideas of how you could still make money in the field of mobile, but these are just a few of them that you could try and put into practice. Ultimately, you need to be able to match your own expertise to what is in demand by consumers to create the perfect partnership.

Ways to Get into the Mobile Business (Without Selling Phones)
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