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Technology is an exciting industry to get involved with; it is constantly changing and developing. All you need to do is look back on the past ten years to see how much things have changed. There is so much room in the years to come for it to expand even more. It’s an industry full of possibilities and plenty more to discover. Women can, and should, get involved in order for the technology industry to reach its full potential.


It’s important for any workplace - no matter the industry - for there to be a diverse team. It provides innumerable benefits for a company. If a business were to only hire one kind of person, it would only get the same kind of ideas. Work would become stale, slow down and minimum progress would be made. By hiring people from all different walks of life, a business has an unlimited supply of different ways of thinking and can continue moving forward. 


Technology is a vastly expanding industry. In the UK alone, the tech sector is growing 2.6 times faster than the overall economy. New jobs and roles are being created all the time. If a woman is looking to start a new career, technology could be a great place to start. It can be an overwhelmingly large industry to get involved with. CV Library can help people find a job in the industry that’s just right for them. 


As technology becomes more integrated into everyday life, those who don’t know how to work it will be left behind. Women need to get involved with the industry now or else they will struggle to get involved later down the line. It develops so quickly so they need to keep up its pace. Otherwise it will just be men left in charge, and as already discussed - this will slow down business. This could prove fatal in an industry which needs to move fast as technology development. 

People First 

A recent study shows that with women behind technology, there would be much more of a focus on people. An example that was provided was a woman could design a piece of technology which could help a parent educate their child, no matter their own educational background. Rather than focus on the technology itself, women will focus on how it can be used to help. Women getting involved with technology could increase the population’s quality of life.  

Why We Need More Women in Technology
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