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The main problem of dating is that you need to make up a scenario for a date night. Let's talk about the simplest one – a movie date. This, perhaps, is one of the most common scenarios. But it doesn’t mean that asking a girl out to a movie theater is bad taste, especially if you know how to do it. But in case you don’t, we have a couple of tips for you.

Planning a movie date

First, you need to take care of tickets. Try to book the seats in the center. Next, you need to be sure that the girl hasn’t watched the film yet. But if you’re going to the premiere, it doesn’t matter. It's unlikely that she’s a super fan, who spends tons of money on pre-premier shows.

Since girls like being late, you should take it into account and plan the date accordingly. It’s better to meet up an hour before the movie. Even if your companion is late, you’ll still get to the place in time and won’t have to make your way through the darkness, pushing other viewers.

Which film to choose?

Actually, you can choose any movie you like. But there’s one thing – pick something emotional. Let’s say you like horror movies because they’re exciting. Go ahead and ask her out to see one. Besides, such movies have a couple of advantages. You can take your companion by the hand and say that you’re scared. It's funny, and she won’t mind if you touch her.

What to do during the movie?

Don’t talk too much. She won’t hear you, anyway, so you’ll only piss off people around you. Remember that most of our communication is nonverbal. Eat popcorn from one box, let her put her head on your shoulder, or do in yourself.

Don’t act like a sexual maniac and don’t try to drag her to the back row. You’ll only scare your companion off. Just have a good time and enjoy the movie.

Movie date benefits

Such date scenario is great because, after the movie, you’ll have a lot to discuss. You can talk about the actors, the movie itself, and so on. Go for a walk or have a sweet chat in the café. A change of scenery is good for establishing a closer connection. Apart from that, a movie date works because you spend a couple of hours in an intimate atmosphere. This will make her trust you more.

While you’re walking or sitting in a cafe, you can check whether the girl is ready for something more intimate or not. And if she reacts to your hints positively, then you can invite her to continue her date at your place. This is probably your second or third date, which means that you’ve had enough time to decide if you want more. Don’t worry if she’s not ready. You can try again on the next date.

Another advantage of a movie date is that it’s great for beginners. This scenario is easy to implement, and you don’t have to talk much. And if you use this scenario correctly, you and your companion will get a lot of positive emotions.

The cons of a movie date

The main disadvantage of a movie date is that it’s a pretty banal scenario. It’s hard to impress the girl just by taking her to a movie theater.

Should I ask her to the cinema on a first date?

Nope. It’s not the best idea if it’s your first date. It’s better to choose a place that will help you feel more relaxed, find a common language with your companion, and build trust. A movie theater doesn’t suit for this purpose, but it works fine for the second one.

A movie date might work only if you plan to take her to several spots. Say, you start from an art exhibition, have dinner together, and finish your romantic evening with some good movie. Just don’t make the cinema your first stop.

Sure, you've already had a lot of movie dates, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with something new to surprise the girl. If you’re interested, check out these cute ways to ask a girl out.

All You Need to Know About Movie Dates
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