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Christmas is getting closer and that means you need to think about the décor that will help you to get into the festive mood. Instead of reusing the same old ornaments, why not make them yourself to give your décor a personal touch? Make Christmas your own this year with these easy homemade ornaments that are simple to create and personalise without compromising on style.

DIY Snow Globes

Scenic snow globes are a must-have festive ornament and you can add your own twist to really make them your own. Click here to find out how to make them using old jars with lids, plastic or ceramic figurines and other easy-to-find craft supplies. Add fairy lights or red ribbon wrapped around the outside of the jar for the ultimate festive finishing touch. 

Easy ‘Firefly’ Bottles

Instead of throwing away empty wine bottles, recycle them by turning them into glowing decorations to put on a mantelpiece or book shelf. Make sure the wine bottle is clean and dry with no label before filling with small battery-run Christmas lights, ensuring the battery pack is small enough to fit inside the top. Stick some Blue Tack onto the back of the battery pack and feed the lights in first before sticking the battery pack onto the inside of the wine bottle’s neck. If it doesn’t fit, place it around the back of the wine bottle so it is out of sight but still useable. 

Christmas Bowls

Put the scent of Christmas in the air by filling your own handmade bowl with pot pourri. Start by cutting strips off of some Mod Roc and dipping them in water, then place the strips over a blown up balloon to make a bowl shape one layer at a time. Allow each layer to dry for around half an hour to ensure it is firm and continue to layer up until you are happy with the shape. After they have dried completely, take them off of the balloon and paint using Christmas colours. Fill using pre-made pot pourri or take it one step further by making your own by using pine cones, dried orange, cinnamon sticks and star anise.  

Old Sweater Shapes

Add a vintage touch to your Christmas tree by using an old woollen sweater. Simply cut out hearts and stars from the thickest part of an old jumper before threading a thin length of wire through it to form a hook. You can stitch the edges of the shapes for a polished look, or leave them to unravel to add to the vintage touch. Old Christmas jumpers would be perfect for this, giving you splashes of colours such as cream, red and green. 

Homemade Baubles

You can’t have a Christmas tree without baubles - and they’re pretty easy to make yourself if you want the personal touch. Spend an evening digging into the craft box and maybe even get each member of the family to help create their own. The Guardian’s bauble guide gives you three ways to make them from paper, felt and wool, but feel free to get creative and personalise them with paint or glitter glue, for example. 

Paper Star Garland

Perfect for wrapping around trees, fireplaces or banisters, paper star garlands can be made using coloured paper to suit whatever theme you’re going for. If you can’t find the exact type of paper you want, decorate a plain piece with spray paint, pom-poms or marker pens. Find out how to make them and get the template here

Easy Photo Ornaments

Christmas is a time for family, so why not adorn your tree with your photographs? Crop the photos so that they are square and stick them to red, white or green thick card to create a Polaroid shape. String a few together for a festive family tree garland. For an especially nice touch, why not use images of Christmases gone by?

Give Your Christmas Décor That Personal Touch With Handmade Ornaments
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