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The economy of the city of London is one of the largest in the world. The city makes hundreds of billions of pounds each year and makes more money than some European countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, and Austria. The city's success is down to several things, such as its trade (around 50 million tonnes of cargo are handled by the Port of London each year), tourism, and the fact that many major companies have their headquarters located there.

However, while being in London has given some brands a positive reputation, their markets are growing outside of the English capital. To do that, they have had to go online, looking at e-commerce and other digital revenue streams to grow their incomes.



The Harrods name is often associated with luxury. The brand may have a department store where you can buy clothes, perfumes and groceries, but for many who visit London, Harrods stores are a tourist destination. However, by being known as a London brand, some may only think of the store when they visit the city, which won't help Harrods' growth.

It's for this reason that Harrods has partnered with technology platform Farfetch Limited to grow its e-commerce business. While Harrods will still carry out the marketing of its products and sites, Farfetch will support it with technology, allowing the brand to grow its online revenue without handing over its brand management to someone else.

Aspers Casino

Aspers Casino in Westfield Stratford City is one of the most popular destinations in London. The Aspers land-based casino offers tourists and locals a great night out as they play traditional casino table games such as blackjack and roulette. The casino also has a restaurant and bar and offers a whole entertainment package.

With Aspers having provided premium gaming at its land-based casino, it isn't surprising to learn that Aspers has also been putting more resources into growing its website, allowing people to play their casino games from wherever they are. The casino brand now offers roulette games at, such as French roulette and European roulette, with a dozen different roulette games being available. While many will still enjoy going to Aspers in London, the casino games on the Aspers site allow it to grow its audience. 


Luxury fashion retailers are all turning to e-commerce and online channels as a way to grow their businesses. It's now much easier to get someone to purchase a product when they have seen it on social media than if they've read a fashion magazine or attended a fashion show. 

Techwire Asia report about Burberry's plans says that the company estimates that 70% of luxury purchases come because of online interactions. In Japan, South Korea and China, three countries with large luxury markets, more than half of all online shopping is carried out via a mobile device. Burberry has understood that it can grow its revenue in a big way by appealing to these customers and their use of digital channels.

The most famous brands in London got their name because of their stores in the English capital and how they delivered high-quality goods and services to the rich and famous. However, the industry looks far different than when these brands started out, and turning to digital is an important step for their growth.

How London's Biggest Brands Are Going Online
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