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A wedding may very well be the most important day of your life. Obviously, it’s a day about you and your loved one, but it’s also a chance to present your personality and tastes in the best way possible. The food, the décor and, of course, the wedding dress can all be avenues for self-expression, however loved-up couples often overlook the invitation. When it comes to getting people excited for an upcoming event, the use of invitation can’t be overstated. 

Why are wedding invitations so important? Invites are the very first thing your guests will see this is related to your wedding. They signify the start of proceedings and, crucially, will probably be affixed to your guests’ fridges for many months leading up to the big day. Therefore, it’s vital to get them right!

Chose the right font

There’s a fine line to tread when it comes to choosing the lettering for your wedding invitations. Obviously you don’t want anything too blocky or official looking, as it doesn’t fit with the celebratory nature of a wedding. On the other hand, overly stylised fonts can sometimes be hard to read. Experiment with different typefaces to see which one you think reflects the theme you and your partner are going for with the wedding.

Add a Coat of Arms

If your family has one, adding your coat of arms to your wedding invitation will add a touch of class that any wedding can benefit from. Many luxury printers such as can work with you to ensure your coat of arms is accurately recreated for your invite and included in a tasteful manner.

The design behind a Coat of Arms often comes about when two families are joined through a marriage, so a wedding invitation is the perfect place to use yours.

Get your colours right

As with your font choice, there should be some degree of harmony between the colour choice of your invitation and the actual wedding. If you’re planning on an earthy wedding with lots of greens and yellows, don’t use bright pink on your invitations.

Of course, you might be sending out invites long before you settle on a wedding theme. If this is the case, don’t worry. Just go with a neutral colour such as a dusty blue. Your personality will influence your colour choice for the invites as much as it will influence the colour and theme choice for the actual wedding, so it’s unlikely there will be much divergence between the two.

Play with shapes

Your wedding invitation doesn’t have to follow a set format when it comes to its shape and size. Obviously the invitation needs to be big enough to fit all the necessary details (date, time, location etc), but you might want to opt for a smaller, more intricate invitation than an A5 card.

Some couples find success with having the essential information printed on one card – which your guests will inevitably keep somewhere visible in their home – with extra information such as dietary requirement requests on a separate card that guests can return to you.

Add a personal touch

While the wedding invitation has an important function of informing your guests about the wedding and sharing the key details of it, that doesn’t mean you can’t include a little special something on it. 

Maybe add an image of the engagement ring? Or a snap of the venue? Some couples might even feel inclined to share a small poem in the invitation. Remember, you want to excite your guests about the incredible celebration of love they have been invited to, so don’t be afraid to give a bit of flair to the invitations.

How to make sure your wedding invitations impress your guests
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