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Online shopping is one of the developments that has dramatically improved business. The mastermind behind online shopping Jeff Bezos started the e-commerce and cloud-computing platform in 1994. Amazon has since rapidly grown surpassing initial expectations. Online shopping creates ease in the purchase of genuine items at affordable prices beyond geographical jurisdictions. As of 2015, the American multinational e-commerce platform registered more than 304 million active shoppers. There is substantial unexploited potential for expansion and a widening of the territories which Amazon is exploiting well. As at present, Amazon operates 13 country-specific sites, and most services are available globally. 

Amazon’s presence in different countries.

Amazon has retail websites for different countries globally, among them; the United States, United Kingdom France, and Ireland. International shipping is also available on some of the products making most of the products available irrespective of location. Inasmuch as Amazon tries to create uniform policies within the different countries of presence, trade regulations and logistics differ among other things resulting in a disparity in services. You will find one product on one platform, and the same may not be available for another country. Besides, deals in one country may be more enticing than those of the other. Such factors are critical for both the sellers as well as the buyers.

Amazon has stores of different items located in different countries; third-party sellers also list their commodities on the website after meeting certain thresholds. You can find a review for most of the products available on Amazon on quite a number of sites. 

It is easier to sell or buy items from your country’s site. However, in some instances, you can find yourself ditching your own for a foreign site because of different reasons.  Lack of a product in a given country and cost-effectiveness analysis are some of the compelling factors for cross-border purchases on Amazon. You can buy from and ship the item to the UK.

US version of Amazon

Amazon was first started in the United States mainly dealing with books. The inventors realized enormous success is prompting expansion to other countries. The American version of Amazon remains the bedrock of Amazon. It boasts of several impressive products. Service delivery is also at topnotch, and this has been reflected in the massive revenues generated from satisfied clients annually. A large portion of the 100 million subscribers of Amazon is of US origin. Amazon US is committed to customers’ satisfaction, and this is exhibited by the incorporation of various sellers on the site to avail different utility products. 

Shopping from Amazon US is quite convenient for both locals and foreigners. Listing of best seller products and sponsored products alert you on various goods that may suit your needs. Besides, there are various unbeatable offers periodically, and you may find yourself spending when you didn’t intend to. Most of the products listed on the US site meets the threshold required by various regulatory authority. It is likely that you will access authentic goods from the US version of Amazon. State trade requirements apply, and taxes are levied on the product. Tax exemption exists for US armed forces and the NATO.  Prompt customer support and quick delivery make the US version a good kill for you. You can buy books, movies and household items then have them delivered to your home or office. Low prices and free shipping are a significant motivation for Amazon shoppers in the US. Moreover, gives the review of different items on Amazon thus making you buy easy. 

United Kingdom’s Amazon

Launched in 1998, has quickly established as one of the significant retailers in the United Kingdom. The site has impressive products at far discounted prices unmatchable by any other online or offline shop in entire Europe and beyond. In need of quality electronics and sports equipment? Amazon UK should be your one-stop shopping center. The store is organized in departments dealing with a selected range of products, and you won’t miss that which your heart desires. 

Some of the benefits of shopping from Amazon business UK includes; free-one day shipping and an integrated procurement system. Amazon business operates by the regulations of the land and just like any other businesses compliance is paramount. Some service may not be available on the website due to various reasons, and you may have to ship from a different country. Also, you can buy from the UK website and have it delivered to your country at a fee. 

Comparing Amazon US against Amazon UK

Being owned and operated by the same organization, similarities are many in the different Amazon sites. However, differences exist, and these should influence your choice of the shopping site.

 The timing of updates; new products in the market are first approved in the US and updated onsite in the US website before the same is done for another country. If you desire a glimpse of the latest commodity, then Amazon US should be your destination.

The extent of competition differs between the two countries. The UK has fewer traders listing onsite, and rivalry is less compared to the US version, thereby making products to be more expensive in the US than the UK. If you are cooling for cheap prices then the UK site will come in handy; however, there is bait in the additional shipping fee.

The offers available on deals and promotions differ between the countries. Calendar differences create promotional differences depending on various celebrations, and thus you may find discounts in the UK which are not in the US and vice versa. On generic shopping holidays, some uniformity can be guaranteed. 

Tax policies; differences exist in sale taxes between the US and the UK. Before making purchases, you can break down the costs to see how much you pay in the VAT. A product can be expensive in one country due to tax policies and not quality. Make your calculations right.

Choosing between Amazon US and Amazon UK

If you reside in the US or the UK, then it is more convenient that you shop from your country’s website lest the items are not availed in your state. It is more economical shopping from your country’s site. Each country’s site is customized to suit’s country-specific culture and preferences.  However, affordability and availability of items can prompt you to buy from a different country’s website.

Is it worth it to buy in the US version of Amazon or focus on the UK?
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