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How to create a capsule wardrobe for a toddler boy? Is it even possible? How to start investing in qualitative items instead of those ridiculously expensive pieces that don't serve even a month? What does a toddler boy should and shouldn't have in his wardrobe?

If you struggle with one of those questions above, we know how to help you. Actually, creating a wardrobe for a toddler isn't a burden at all. It is fun and easy. You don't even have to go outside or spend a whole weekend going from one store to another. In the 21st century, the best toddler boy clothes for any season of the year can be found online. This won't take a lot of time.

Where to start a minimal wardrobe for a toddler boy from?

Basic Wardrobe for a Baby Boy

Having a smaller wardrobe for a baby isn't about saving money only. It is about convenience as well. The more items your baby has, the harder it is to pick the outfit, especially if those items don't really match each other. Babies don't need as many clothes as their parents do. So, pay attention to the basics of wardrobe first.

Here's a list of most worn items that you are recommended to buy first to create a basic wardrobe for your baby boy.

  1.  Long-sleeve shirts and pants. No matter whether it is winter or summer now, it is always good to have a couple of soft long-sleeve shirts made out of cotton in your baby's wardrobe. When it comes to the pants, buy something simple made out of a soft fabric.
  2.  A couple of basic T-shirts. They can be easily worn both in summer and winter underneath a warm cardigan or jacket.
  3.  A nice wool cardigan and a hoodie with a zipper for those seasons when the weather goes colder. A cardigan with buttons is the best choice for babies because it can be easily taken on and off within a few seconds only. A hoodie is great for warm seasons when the temperatures are not low, but the weather is still windy. A baby can wear a hoodie even with a hat.
  4. Socks. These are those items your baby boy should have in abundance. Socks get dirty easily, they are worn almost all the time, and they get lost fast. So, buy up to ten-eleven pairs of socks.
  5. A jumpsuit. What piece of wardrobe can be more comfortable for a baby than a jumpsuit? Get a few soft jumpsuits made out of qualitative fabric. There are so many adorable jumpsuits out there that you can easily find something unique for your baby boy as well.

Start with writing a checklist. Inspect your baby's wardrobe and count all the items he has. Declutter the wardrobe if it is needed and write down what else has to be purchased. Having a checklist, it is much easier to make your shopping wise. So, hurry up if you don't want to miss seasonal deals and sales.

Minimal Toddler Boy Wardrobe Ideas
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