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Along with friends, family and food, one of the things we miss the most about home is the TV and movies. Not any more...

We don't know about you, but we're bored of the genuinely good English TV, and crave the so-bad-it’s-good programmes we used to so enjoy on a Sunday, where you could tune in and switch off your brain for hours while your hangover eased itself away.

Portals like Netflix and LoveFilm are bursting with American series and English flicks, but, shock horror, the wonders of Oz, New Zealand and South Africa are often overlooked.

That’s where Scatzy comes in.

This video-on-demand platform will have all your favourite shows from the southern hemisphere, as well as some new ones and the latest cinema releases. In fact, it even had South African film Strikdas available for download on the same day it was out in cinemas.

Scatzy has initially launched with South African movies only, but will soon expand to offer movies from New Zealand and Australia as well, and also expand their services to include TV shows, documentaries, music downloads, e-books and other entertainment.

Forget that super-expensive flight. All you need to visit home now is Scatzy and your sofa. Sweet!


Watch movies, TV and more from back home with Scatzy
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