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Every day, 300,000 quick loans are issued in the USA, which is just an incredible amount. It is clear that not all of this is done through the Internet, but it is already the overwhelming majority of applications. The culture of the country's inhabitants presupposes existence on credit: a house on a mortgage, a car on credit, a treatment on credit, a vacation on credit, etc.

A typical borrower takes 7-11 loans per year in the USA. And the percentage of quick loans reaches 2000% per year. But here you need to be honest - the percentage is huge, but no one takes much money for such a period. The main audience of quick loans is people aged 24-53, whose income does not exceed $ 50,000 per year.

Features of the microcredit industry in the world

The market for consumer online lending worldwide is represented by two main verticals: payday loans (instant loans, quick and convenient for customers) and installment loans (short-term loans up to one year with partial repayment). At the moment, the payday & installment loans market is still in its infancy, as evidenced by the emergence of major players every year. A very important aspect is also a loan affiliate program for business leadsgate company - is a great example of a payday loan affiliate network with competitive rates and a payout for every lead.

Microloan Audience

It should be noted that in most countries in Europe and the USA microcredit organizations can be used by persons older than 21 years. This niche also has a seasonal factor. Microcredits are most actively taken before holidays and vacations, and the decline is usually observed in the summer months. 

Sources to Attract Customers

As the microcredit market grows and competition becomes tougher, there is a need to plan all large budgets to attract and retain customers. The most common ways to attract traffic - television, radio, outdoor advertising, as well as the CPA network. Today, the lead generation market is well developed, attracting customers through partners. Companies offer intermediaries up to 50 euros for the first loan issued. For example, in Poland, there is a very large number of CPA (affiliate, partner) networks that generate up to 80% of the total volume of loans issued.

Let's Sum up

During the development of the microcredit market on a global scale, many officials continued to look at him with suspicion both from the complexity of his government regulation and from the perspective that he might burst like a bubble. However, today this area is very popular and promising around the world. The number of companies in this segment is constantly growing, and investors continue to invest all large assets in their further development. In addition, the scope of microcredit in many countries in terms of government regulation was on the same step as the traditional banking sector. Thus, help for the poor has grown into a promising financial business area with a huge turnover.

Microlending in the USA
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