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Are you looking to rent an Apartment in Rotterdam? Join us as we take you through all you need to know about finding accommodation in the second largest city in The Netherlands.

Rotterdam remains a center of colorful attraction in the Netherlands. With some of the best architectural structures, art galleries, different beautiful restaurants, and bubbling nightlife, there is so much to do and see in the city.

This is why the city is one the top-choice places for international students and expats looking to relocate to Europe. 

However, one of the difficult challenges faced by people looking to settle in Rotterdam is finding the right apartment for rent. Read on as we bring you tips on how to find your choice Apartment in Rotterdam from HousingAnywhere.

Rental Prices for Apartments in Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam has a high cost of living. Thus rental fees for an apartment here are pricier than other parts of the country.

However, the rental prices vary depending on the neighborhood. The City Center is the most popular neighborhood in Rotterdam. Thus rental rates here are higher than other districts. Check out the current rental prices for apartment in the City Center on HousingAnywhere.

Living in the City Center is more expensive but comes with its own advantages. You get to explore the heart of Rotterdam and some crucial sites in the city will be within reach.

You can also check out the Rotterdam North. This neighborhood is also popular with relatively low rental prices. Check the current rental rates for apartments in Rotterdam North on HousingAnywhere. 

If you are looking to mix up with other foreigners living in Rotterdam, then you should check out the Kop van Zuid neighborhood. You will find this neighborhood at the Erasmus Bridge, a popular landmark in Rotterdam.

The Kop van Zuid is known for its multicultural diversity. The neighborhood has lots of new housing developments, restaurants, and bars. Thus, it’s suitable for foreigners looking for long-term housing options. You can find apartments up for rent in Kop van Zuid on HousingAnywhere.

Best Options for a Student Apartment in Rotterdam

If you are looking to live off campus in Rotterdam, then you should check out studio apartments in Rotterdam North and Kop van Zuid. Apartments in these neighborhoods are cheaper compared to other parts of Rotterdam.

Sharing apartments with other students is a standard norm in Rotterdam. This way student splits the cost of renting an apartment.

Final Words

With proper research, you can find your desired Apartment for rent in Rotterdam. You can filter your search to your choice neighborhood and compare the prices of various apartments. You will also find answers to any question you may have on finding an apartment in Rotterdam.    

Apartment for Rent in Rotterdam
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