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Camden, NW1

Primrose Hill credit: iStock

The stereotype: Tourists, rock band fans and ageing former members of Nineties Britpop bands.

The area: “People hanging on to the sad remnants of London’s 1990s culture live around here,” says Lewis. “Anyone with any street cred has long gone. They’re now in Hackney or Dalston.” 

Price: £££ Overpriced. Which, like seeing your mum dancing to Prodigy, is just a little bit wrong.

Stratford, E15

The stereotype: Actual poor people, who can’t afford its newer digs. 

The area: Up-and-coming, but be warned it’s still rough around the edges. “However, further into Stratford is a good place to invest,” reckons Lewis.

Price: £££ The newly developed areas are pricey, but bargains can be found.

Wimbledon, SW19

The stereotype: Boring. Where rich people have children. 

The area: “The place where south Londoners want to live when they settle down, it’s full of yummy mummy bloggers and families that are fed up of the urban grind,” reckons Lewis. 

Price: ££££ City suburbia is not cheap.

Brixton, SW9

Brixton credit: iStock

The stereotype: Full of people moaning about how the area has changed.

The area: “It’s south London’s living-it-large capital,” claims Lewis. “It’s got so much from a music and clubbing point of view that the well-paid Australians are leaving Clapham and graduating here.” 

Price: ££ Good value, good times.

Soho, W1

The stereotype: London’s kinky capital consists of sex club workers, media workers and successful gay men. Oh sorry, that was a few years ago, it’s getting rather dull now.

The area: “There are two types,” reckons Lewis, “one is West End media agency owners or senior partners who pay £650k + for a fashionable rooftop one-bed or two-bed apartment. The other is the extremely underpaid serving staff who work at the nastier clubs.”

Price: ££££ Bright lights and very big bank balances.

The City, EC

The stereotype: Nobody actually lives in the City, not even bankers. 

The area: “There’s a small arts community in the teeth of the capitalist lion who work at the Barbican,” says Lewis. “Otherwise, it’s considered a rotten borough.” 

Price: £££££ Ouch! And the pubs aren’t even open on weekends.


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