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With a serviced apartment, it’s completely different to a rental from a traditional landlord. If you’ve never had reason to stay in a service apartment before because you either haven’t travelled much in the UK or it’s not been something you’ve considered, now’s as good a time as any. That’s especially true if you prefer a higher quality of accommodation with a service level that meets a higher standard that you’ve come to expect.

Here are a few ways that serviced apartments are better than other short-term accommodation options. 

No Long-term Commitment Required

For many of us, the lack of short-term accommodation options outside of the empty experience of staying in a hotel has been a disappointment. Any time we travelled, we were reminded of this disappointing reality. 

With serviced apartments in Liverpool, there’s no pesky requirement to commit to a multi-month stay with a 1-2 month deposit and an assurance that you’re sticking around. If you only need a 5-day booking but want a luxury place that includes great service and facilities, then you can have it.

Cleaning and Concierge Are Provided

The housekeeping service ensures that the serviced apartment rental is spotless. After all, you don’t want to lose time cleaning the place every Sunday afternoon. Let someone else do that instead. 

The concierge service is there to help resolve any teething issues that come up. They can also make recommendations of where to get some dry cleaning done, what taxi firms are better, and so forth. This kind of local knowledge is extremely useful to someone who’s unfamiliar with the city.

Parking Is Usually Included Too

Finding an available parking spot in Liverpool is tough. We don’t have to tell you that it’s as much a challenge as in any other major UK city. Some people are even renting their parking spots out because there’s so much demand.

With a serviced apartment, a private parking space is a must-have feature. Many people who rent a serviced apartment use their own vehicle or rent one during their stay, so being able to park easily without risk of the vehicle getting towed is important. 

The Internet Just Works

Having a reliable internet connection inside the apartment isn’t up for negotiation. Serviced apartments must have quick net speeds. Fortunately, there are many providers of high speed internet in Liverpool, so ensuring that web pages will load fast and mobile apps can gain access to the cloud to download updates is no problem at all. It’s never a bad idea to have 4G LTE service on your smartphone too, if only as a backup facility, but it shouldn’t really be necessary. 

Nothing Missing

Serviced apartments are designed to offer luxury and comfort whether your stay is one day or three weeks. A kitchen is provided to prepare your own meals if you prefer. A modern bathroom with a power shower delivers strong jets of hot water to ward off the cold outside. And relaxing mood lighting helps you unwind in the evening after a long day. There’s nothing missing that you’d hope to find in a service apartment, which is the point really.

With serviced apartments, it could well be marketed as: Accommodation… without the hassle. That’s basically what it is but with little luxurious touches added in for good measure.

Serviced Apartments – Why They’re Better Than Other Short-Term Accommodation
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