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Risky business

Only a fool would dive head-first into playing poker full-time as a sole means of income. The best way to approach it is to start playing poker online as a hobby and side-earner of sorts. It’s also worth making contacts by going to local card rooms, where fellow players are surprisingly willing to teach you a lot about the game, Boeree explains.

As for earnings, it really depends on how good you are. Cody’s biggest win has been €850k (£735k), while Boeree scored herself just over £1million through the European Poker Tour. If you’re an online player, it can be a bit more predictable: “On average over a year I would have six winning months, three break-even and three losing months. The most I have won in a month is around £8000,” Jarvis says.

Of course, as with all forms of gambling, luck does play a part. Cody explains: “I always say, ‘try to put yourself in good situations and play well, but you cannot control the cards; you just have to hope today will be your day’.”

No fools, only horses 

If cards aren’t your deal, maybe horse racing could be your best bet - pro punter Martin Bishop shares his top tips:

• Take a fictitious £1000 and hypothetically bet on the horses you think will win, betting no more than 1% of your total pot on any one race. After a month, if you have made a profit, you could think about betting professionally.

• With online bookmakers it’s easy to get the best prices. Say Ladbrokes is offering 4/1 but Bet365 is 5/1, you need to place the bet with Bet365.

–Visit for a free trial on his betting advice.


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