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Lyrical lawyer: Bowie Jane

To be considered

How you go about having two jobs depends on whether the roles are complementary or not. If the jobs clash, you will need to keep them separate and not let one affect the other. 

A brilliant example of this is Aussie lawyer/pop singer, Bowie Jane: “I’ve always kept my two jobs very separate, because it’s not very ‘pop’ to be a lawyer and it’s not very ‘lawyer’ to be pop,” she says. “I literally run from court, get changed in the toilet, and run on stage. Most people wouldn’t realise because I’m a completely different personality on stage.”

If your roles coincide, you can be open with your employer – they may even help you out.

“The PR agency I work for are very supportive of my other career and have even got me bookings,” Morell says. Toynbee adds if you’re keen to work in a charitable sector, you may be able to through your employer’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

At the end of the day, it’s worth a go. As Toynbee says, “If it gets too overwhelming, it’s OK to go back to one career. You’ll have had the satisfaction that you gave it a good shot and your CV will look better for it.”


Fitting it all in

• Don’t try to cram two full-time jobs into one week. One needs to fit into only your ‘spare’ hours, usually evenings and weekends.• Go freelance – this way you can say ‘no’ to a job if necessary. 

• Be organised. To-do lists and phone diaries are your best friends.  

• If you make a personal commitment, stick to it. Don’t lose family contacts or friends over work.

• Talk to your boss about reducing your hours – you may be surprised at how accommodating they are.

• Know you will make sacrifices. It’s unavoidable, but the benefits should override them. If not, quit!


Two jobs are better than one
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