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Make 2013 the year you addressed your own skill shortage and learned how to do something new and totally unique.

Attend a cocktail masterclass

In this 90-minute session at The Casino at The Empire you’ll learn which drinks taste impeccable together, and how to shake, mix and serve them properly with different presentations.

You need a minimum of four mates to book a masterclass, then you could be flairing up a storm at your own Cocktails and Dreams in no time. Surely, if Tom Cruise can do it…

Book at least 24 hours ahead.

5-6 Leicester Sq, WC2H 7NA £29.50
Tube | Leicester Square


Trapeze, tightwire and juggling

Fly through the air this year just like you’re in the big top. During this exciting Circus Experience Day you’ll learn all the basics of trapeze, acrobatics and tightwire walking.

If you’re not exhausted after all that, they’ll also teach you how to juggle.

Jan 12, 2.30pm-5.45pm £65
Circus Space, N1 6HD  
Tube | Old Street


Learn to relax

Inner Space meditation company offers a class on relaxation strategies that teach you “how to act before, during and after stress” and help you to release that creative energy you’ve got balled up inside.

A course runs for two sessions over two weeks.

Starts Jan 8 & 22, 6pm-7pm FREE
36 Shorts Gardens, WC2H 9AB 
Tube | Covent Garden


Cuddle workshop

Testimonials from this gathering say you’ll feel a million bucks after an epic hug-fest. The group does playful light boundary-setting exercises before the “cuddle pods”, where you group hug the whole class.

Jan 20, 2pm £29
The Rooms Above, NW6 ITB 

Tube | West Hampstead


Laughter workshop

Can you remember the last time you belly laughed? Enjoy some serious giggles with instructor Leela Bunce, who makes a crust from chuckling. This therapeutic workshop can help with stress, improve stomach muscles (er, maybe) and act as an amazing form of release.  

Jan 31, 7.30pm-9pm £10
Interchange Studios, NW3 4QP 
Tub | Belsize Park

Learn to dance swing and jive

LeytonTry something new this year and get jiving to classic tracks from the Forties and Fifties. Learn swing and Lindy Hop moves such as ‘swinging out’, ‘Lindy turns’ and ‘Lindy circles’.

It’s extremely fun and you’ll probably even make yourself some new mates to go dancing with at the weekends.

Jan 29, 7.30pm-8.30pm £35 
X7eaven Studios, 569a Lea Bridge Rd, E10 7EQ 
Tube | Leyton Midland Rd

Life drawing

Come and draw a nude model every week. The class is open to all levels of abilities and there are teachers to introduce new techniques in each class.

Price is for a half-day.

Saturdays, 10am-4pm £16
Kensington Palace Studio, W8 4PU  
Tube | Kensington


If you’re looking for self-improvement this year, and want to stop smoking, drinking so much, or being so stressed, this may be just the class for you.

During a half-day course you’ll learn self hypnosis. You’ll be taught about the myths of hypnosis, how to be in control of your feelings and, according to teacher Tom MacKay, control them so much that you cure yourself of problems.

Jan 26, 2pm-5pm  £80
Various addresses in N4 
Tube | Finsbury Park


Intro to stargazing

This 10-week astronomy course, called Stars: Distant Suns Of The Night, will teach you all about the great beyond.

They’ll go through the stars, including our sun, the power sources that make them shine and what may happen when their fuel runs out.

Proof that science isn’t boring.

From Jan 8, 3.45pm-5.45pm  £107
City Lit, Keeley Street, WC2B 4BA 
Tube | Covent Garden


London: A twist on talent - learn a new skill for the new year
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