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You’re best known as an actor, tap dancer and TV judge but on August 18, you’ll be playing in a London hospital radio station’s charity football match...

That’s right. A friend of mine made me aware of the charity and the football match [Garcia will be joining Radio Northwick Park’s side as they take on a team of former Arsenal players], and I thought, what better way to help than to play the game I love the most? 

What’s your position?

I’m probably going to play left-back or as a central defender. Football isn’t massive in Australia – we’re more obsessed with AFL, then rugby league, then cricket and then football – but everyone plays. I was a winger when I was a kid, but by the time I was a teenager, I played left-back. That’s where I feel comfortable – defending. Defending against the might of the ex-Arsenal team.

How’s the training going?

Pretty well actually, yeah. I have been training at a place called Catz in LA, which is where David Beckham trains. I have a few friends there who are trainers and they have been helping me with my fitness. As long as I am able to run and not have my lungs fall out of my mouth, I reckon I’ll be happy. 

Have you been enjoying any other sports this summer?

I haven’t been enjoying the cricket. We’ve reached a nadir in terms of talent and ability but that’s alright – we’ll come back. I like anything with a ball, really. Put five people in similar coloured shirts, kicking a can down the road, and I’ll watch.

You’ve been in London for 19 years now. Did you ever dream that you would enjoy such a love affair with the city?

Never. I had no plans to come to London but it’s a great city and as soon as I arrived, I knew that I wanted to stay longer. I had no idea it would be this long though!

What do you miss most about Australia?

The beach, the surf and locally grown fruit, like mangoes. I also miss the enormous array of wildlife and waking up to a dawn chorus, instead of just the sound of blackbirds.

Tell us a bit about Camp, the new US TV series you’re starring in...

We shot the show near Australia’s Gold Coast earlier this year, and it’s airing in the US right now. I have no idea whether it will come to the UK. It’s one of those shows that is very American – it’s about summer camp, which the UK doesn’t really have. It’s funny – like a dramedy – and the Americans seem to like it, so hopefully it will find its way to the UK.




Interview - Adam Garcia: The Aussie hottie on Drew Barrymore, tap dancing and a charity football match of ex-Arsenal players
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