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An Australian archaeologist is claiming to have found one of the world’s oldest pieces rock art.

Bryce Barker claims his find, discovered in Australia’s Northern Territory, is about 28,000 years old

Barker says charcoal was used to create the rock art, so radiocarbon dating could be used to determine its age; most rock art is made with mineral paint, so its age cannot accurately be measured.

The oldest known rock art is in Spain, where hand stencils and red discs made by blowing paint on to the wall in El Castillo cave are at least 40,800 years old, according to scientists using a technique known as uranium-thorium dating.

Barker also said he had discover evidence that the cave where he found the rock art had been occupied for 45,000 years

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28000-year-old Aboriginal art work discovered in cave in Australia's Northern Territory
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