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A former soldier dressed as a stormtrooper is undertaking an epic 9000m trek across Australia and is in part sustaining himself on roadkill.

A former soldier dressed as a stormtrooper is undertaking an epic 9000m trek across Australia and is in part sustaining himself on this arduous endeavour by chomping away on roadkill he encounters along his path.

Scott Loxley, 47, is a member of the volunteer group 501st Legion who undertake fund raising events dressed as Star Wars characters. 

Loxley set out a year ago to walk from one side of Australia to the other in order to raise money for the soon-to-be opened Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. His trek will take him from the city in Victoria to Tasmania and up the west coast to Broome before turning eastwards and making for Darwin. He'll then continue his little coastal walk through Townsville in Queensland, before passing Sydney and arriving in Melbourne in July of next year. But when on such a gruelling walk, the options for food are slightly limited, as you could well imagine. 

Think about it, there will be few Maccas around, Hungry House would no doubt be pretty sceptical about making deliveries. So, in order to keep himself fed Loxley - who is an absolute bloody hero in our books!- has taken to eating roadkill he walks past such as lizards and snakes and even kangaroos. 

According to, the intense heat of the day makes roadkill edible – we can only wonder as to the nutritional benefits of this – and Loxley, ever the road warrior, has taken to finding part of his sustenance there. 

“I put the lizards on the coals, put them in a zip lock bag for protein and snack on them on the road,” Loxley has explained of his dining activities. 

“If you think you can walk in the country, this is what you need to do. It was one of the reasons I thought I could do it,” he added. 

Loxley has so far raised around AUS$22,000 for the hospital which is due to open in two years’ time and hopes to raise upwards of AUS$100,000 before its doors open in 2016. 

“No matter how tough things get on the road,” Loxley commented on his Facebook page of his motivations for undertaking this gargantuan feat, “I know that there are kids battling just to get through every day and doing it with a smile on their face.” 

To follow Loxley's journey and donate to his funds, head on over to

 Photo: via Facebook 

Star Wars stormtrooper munching on roadkill in Oz charity walk
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