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A Eureka Tour with Cathy Haynes - Central London

School of Life’s public programme curator Cathy Haynes leads this tour of how London locations influenced the creative process and discoveries of some of the most ingenious minds to grace the city.

Novelist Virginia Woolf and French filmmaker Georges Perec feature in a tour that visits a magic store and a ‘temple to genius’, and challenges you to fire up your own creative juices and see what you can come up with.

£20.50, Mar 25, 9.40am WC1N 1AB  
Tube | Russell Square


Emirates tour - Highbury

See behind the scenes of one of London’s most popular football teams, the formerly ‘invincible’ Arsenal, on this 90-minute tour.

Get up close and personal behind the scenes at the 60,000 capacity stadium. If only the Gooners were as impressive as their home on the pitch.

£9,Daily, from 10am-5pm
(not on match days) N5 1BU  
Tube | Arsenal


Ghost tours - across London

Ghost expert Richard Jones, who’s been conducting spook tours for 25 years, leads you through some of London’s spectral past on a variety of sinister trips such as ‘Sweeney Todd’ and ‘Hidden Horrors’.

Tues, Fri & Sat, 7pm, Various places

Jack the Ripper tour - East End

One of the more cheesy walks, but it’s such a grimy, blood-soaked part of London’s history that it is top fun nonetheless. Icky, sticky, mystery-cloaked fun.

This walk (above right) is the original, and still the best. 

£9, daily, 7.30pm 
Tower Hill, EC3N 4DJ  
Tube | Tower Hill


History of quirky London tour - Covent Garden

London as a city is bonkers and defies logic, and it has done for some time.

Men cutting off their cocks in public, the world’s smallest police station, the street where cars drive on the right side of the street (which is wrong), not to mention David Cameron’s illegitimate heritage – you’ll learn this and more, and then never look at the city in the same way again.

£18, Mon, 7pm; Sat, 11.30am 
Covent Garden, WC2E 9JT 
Tube | Covent Garden


London’s lost rivers tour - Central London

Beneath the city’s  tarmaced streets lies a buried network of old rivers. Paul Talling takes you on a guided tour of the bizarre existence these waterways have gone on to lead.

He also admits that the tours can take as long as you want them to, and usually end up in the pub afterwards as well. Bonus!

Grand Surrey Canal is March 9’s tour while Wapping Canal’s on March 16.

£9, Mar 9 & 16, 1pm Peckham Rye; Wapping stations  
Tube | Peckham Rye; Wapping


Photos: Getty; Rosie Oliver 2013


London's most unusual city tours: From Rock Legend Minivan Tour to East End Uncovered, discover the city's secret sides
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