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Will Shaw is cranky. He didn't get much sleep. And it definitely wasn't because HE was having sex in a hostel bed...

I'm all for sexual freedom and equality. It's the 21st century after all. A girl is not a slut for picking up a guy, having sex, then never seeing him again. Likewise, a guy is not a big-shot for doing the same thing. Simply put, if you're not seeing anyone else and you're both consenting adults in a moment of passion, what's the problem?

Holiday romances included. The warmer weather and cheaper alcohol in Eastern Europe ultimately leads to a loss of both layers and inhibitions.

But sex in a hostel dorm is something I just can't wrap my head around.

It's disrespectful, slutty and wrong... isn't it?

I'm no prude but I know without a backpack of a doubt that I never could do it in a dorm, for various personal and logistical reasons:

1 I am 6ft 4 inches tall and weigh nearly 15 stone. I constantly thank the hostel gods that bunkbeds don't collapse while supporting my carriage.

2 The hostel I am currently staying at in Budapest appears to have child-size bunks, in that my feet hang off the end while my hair brushes the bar at the top. There's no space beside me for a cup of goulash, never mind another human being.

3 I've dated someone who has two dogs and two cats, who roamed the house as they pleased and slept at the foot of (or in) the owner's bed. Getting that audience to leave was a slight mood-killer.

4 Hostel encounters are born from alcohol. There has never been any exceptions to this rule. When it's still 30C at 2am and you can't remember which country you're in or even your own name, where does the stamina for a bunkbed shag come from? Also - you've just met someone who you want to get in to bed and then never see again. You will have undoubtedly told at least two white lies - lies that seem harmless but must be remembered to avoid a loss of face. That's too much to hold in your brain at once.

5 Just a minor, final point - the seven strangers in the room trying to sleep?

Yep, Will is about to encounter two horny visitors. Click 'NEXT' to find out what happens...


Opinion Piece: Hostel sex, yes or no?
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