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“Good job we were in a good mood otherwise the captain catching us at 3am butt-naked heading into the shower would have been pretty damn awkward.”

 Travel blogger Toni White, 26, from Devon, had no idea writing these words would cause such a stir.

But whip up the web they did – her post recalling a series of sexcapades enjoyed on a backpacking trip (this one in particular involved bonking her dive instructor on a week’s sailing holiday in Thailand) has got the blogosphere all a-fluster, and was even named a favourite post by shag-happy influential travel site

White will be appearing at the TNT Travel Show at Islington’s Business Design Centre on Sunday, chatting about the relationship between sex and travel – promising to uncover what it means on the road, in your mind and between the sheets.

It’s certainly a topic the vast majority of travellers will have their own input on – holiday hook-ups are popular, as a survey of 30,000 British women by dating travel site proved last summer.

More than 40 per cent of respondents under 30 said they’d had a one-night stand during a trip, and an evidently randy 10 per cent admitted to having had five or more sexual partners over the course of a week-long holiday.

Hardly sounds relaxing.

But hopping into bed with a fellow tanned traveller does seem to be a backpacking rite as common as buying a ‘same same but different’ T-shirt or spending a night of sleepless torment on a cross-country bus.

Who hasn’t heard a pair of pervs going at it in the neighbouring dorm bed?

It’s all part of the shedding of inhibitions that goes hand-in-hand with hitting the road in search of adventure.

And yet sometimes that fearlessness doesn’t work in your favour.

Just think of the increasing numbers of Aussies dying abroad as a result of risk-taking on holiday.

TNT reader Elisa Arthur*, 28, remembers a particularly risque sexscapade when she was travelling around Mexico.

“It was my friend and mine’s last night in San Cristobal,” she tells us.

“We were in this bar and a local guy came up and hit on me. I wasn’t bothered but my friend liked his friend, so when they asked us to go to another bar with them we said, why not?”

Arthur and her friend ended up kissing the Mexican guys amid some steamy salsa dancing and copious cheap cocktails, and were only too willing to hop in a cab with them at the end of the night.

“The taxi dropped us off in this dark place and we ended up going into this derelict warehouse with them,” Arthur remembers.

“It was so eerie, and there was a moment where I thought we might be in trouble.”

Happily for our heroines, the evening ended with great sex – some of it on a table. 

"I wouldn’t say it was my finest moment,” Arthur laughs.

“It’s the kind of thing that if you were back home, you’d be like, ‘what the fuck are you doing?’

"But when you’re travelling there’s this feeling of, ‘you’re only here once’. It’s a bit of an adventure and you’re more likely to think, ‘why the hell not?’”

For White, however, having sex on the road isn’t about taking risks or no strings – even if it’s just for one night.

She argues the act of bonking a fellow backpacker can be meaningful, even if you’ve only known them a few hours.

“If you want that hot and steamy sex session that you always see in the movies then get your emotions involved,” she says.

“A huge part of travelling is the freedom, both physically and mentally, that it gives you and having sex is just another part of that freedom.


Rooting on the road: Are hook-ups and one-night stands an essential part of travel?
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